'I am scared off to be trapped' - Francis Ngannou on why he left UFC

Francis Ngannou is one of the most terrifying fighters in the world. This past month Ngannou left UFC due to some negotiation issues.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a file photo [Image- Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Jan 24, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Francis Ngannou is a Cameroonian professional mixed martial artist and boxer. He used to compete in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Ngannou is the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and is ranked #1 in the official UFC rankings. He is known for his extraordinary knockout power and ability to finish fights quickly. Ngannou has been nicknamed “The Predator” due to his powerful striking and finishing ability. He is currently the most feared fighter in the UFC and one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA.

Why did Francis Ngannou leave UFC?

Francis Ngannou left the UFC in 2020 after his contract expired. He had been in negotiations to re-sign but ultimately decided to pursue other opportunities in the MMA world. These were the things spread around regarding his UFC exit. But Ngannou on his YouTube channel shared the real truth and spread some light on why he really left UFC.

Francis feared that his UFC contract would again chain him and wouldn’t let him live his life in freedom and he wishes to have his freedom more than anything. Also, there were speculations he feared facing Jon Jones but he denied all those claims.

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“Dana also said I’m scared of fighting Jon Jones or somebody else WOOSH! I don’t know where they came from that one. That sounds very ridiculous in my opinion, with all due respect. Because I’ve been calling for this fight for over 2 years. I’ve been waiting for this fight forever. And I’ve been fighting guys with one knee, with injury, and now why do I be scared of them? I feel more confident. NO, I am not scared. The only thing I’m scared of is to be trapped, is to not lose my freedom.”

What is next on the list for “The Predator”?

Francis Ngannou is believed to pursue boxing in the near future. He has expressed an interest in the sport and has been training hard to prepare. Ngannou is one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA and his power and skill could make him a dangerous opponent in the boxing ring. Only time will tell if Ngannou will make the transition to boxing, but it is certainly an exciting prospect for many fight fans.

Francis also spoke about transitioning to Boxing. He added, “I want to start doing boxing at first before step into MMA. Because regardless, I still have so much excitement and so much love with MMA, that I feel like, I haven’t delivered and everything regarding MMA. But I also want to do some Boxing match, So Yes. Maybe explore a possibility to do one boxing match and comeback into MMA with another organization, promotion, or my own organization.”

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