Best 3 fight performances of Georges “Rush” St-Pierre (GSP)

Being one of the GOATs , St-Pierre put on many incredible performances throughout his UFC career.

GSP and Nick Diaz in a file photo [Image-Twitter]
By Blesson Daniel | Jan 7, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The domination of Georges St-Pierre (GSP) over his other welterweights inside the UFC Octagon is unmatched. During his protracted reign as the 170-pound king, GSP has destroyed challenger after challenger like a finely tuned machine inside the cage. His opponents face an impossible challenge thanks to his precise stand-up and world-class grappling abilities.

Even though GSP has a 23-2 career record, that record only partially reflects how dominant he is. It is breathtaking to watch GSP destroy his opponents, and he has put on some truly outstanding performances inside the Octagon.

One of the greatest fighters of all time, Georges St-Pierre is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame and a two-time world champion in different weight classes. Early in the new millennium, St-Pierre became one of the sport’s most popular figures and swiftly ascended to fame.

After making his UFC 46 debut, St-Pierre went on to have one of the best MMA careers in history over the following 13 years. Throughout his UFC career, St-Pierre put on many incredible performances; it comes with the territory of being one of the GOATs. Having said that, certain performances stood out more than others in terms of significance.

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Here are three of Georges “Rush” St-Pierre’s (GSP) top UFC performances

1. GSP vs BJ Penn 2 (UFC 94)

In an effort to become the first dual weight champion in UFC history,B J Penn, one of the best fighters ever, contested for St-welterweight Pierre’s championship at UFC 94. The two had previously fought at UFC 58, with St-Pierre coming out on top in a close and debatable split decision. This was the first actual champ-champ fight, and it was eagerly awaited. Watch the whole match below.

However, St-Pierre demonstrated that in the time since their previous battle, the distance between the two competitors widened significantly. The fight was terminated after the fourth round due to Penn’s injuries after St-Pierre pummelling Penn into oblivion.

2. GSP vs Matt Serra 2 (UFC 83)

Following his victory over Hughes in their second bout, St-Pierre was stunned by Matt Serra in one of the biggest upsets of all time. The two were set for a rematch, but St-Pierre won two fights while waiting for Serra’s injury, which occurred while training. The most significant of these was a straightforward victory for St-Pierre versus Matt Hughes in a rubber match for an interim strap.

In their rematch, which took place at UFC 83, St-Pierre defeated Serra handily and demonstrated that their first fight was an aberration. putting an end to Serra in the second round to win back the championship he had previously lost. Here are the match highlights.

3. GSP vs Michael Bisping (UFC 217)

St-Pierre had been sidelined for four years when he made the most daring decision of his career by gaining 15 pounds to fight Michael Bisping, the middleweight champion at the time, at UFC 217. St. Pierre didn’t need to make this decision; his legacy was already secure, he was in a self-imposed retirement, and going up against a greater opponent was a hazardous move.

St-Pierre went on to defeat Bisping by submission at UFC 217 while suffering from colitis at the time, becoming one of the rare competitors to win a title in two separate weight classes. St-Pierre went on to lose the fight, capping an outstanding career. Watch below GSP’s interview after winning the UFC Middleweight championship.

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