10 Most Iconic UFC Ring Announcers

Let's take a closer look at ten of the most legendary UFC ring announcers who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Bruce Buffer in a file photo [Image-Twitter@UFC]
By Blesson Daniel | May 22, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has established itself as the pinnacle of the sport. Alongside the awe-inspiring fighters and thrilling matches, there is a group of individuals who play a crucial role in building anticipation and excitement for each bout—the ring announcers. Over the years, the UFC has been graced by a multitude of talented and iconic ring announcers, whose voices have become synonymous with the Octagon. Let’s take a closer look at ten of the most legendary UFC ring announcers who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

1. Bruce Buffer

No discussion of iconic UFC ring announcers would be complete without mentioning Bruce Buffer. Known for his electrifying energy and dynamic voice, Buffer has been the voice of the UFC for decades. His famous catchphrase, “It’s time!” has become an iconic part of UFC events and is instantly recognizable to fans worldwide.

2. Jimmy Lennon Jr.

While predominantly associated with boxing, Jimmy Lennon Jr. has also made his mark on the UFC. His smooth and distinctive voice, combined with his impeccable timing and delivery, have made him a memorable presence in the Octagon. Lennon Jr.’s versatility and ability to adapt to different combat sports make him a true legend in the world of ring announcing.

3. Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez has become a staple in the UFC, known for his deep and authoritative voice. Martinez’s commanding presence and professional delivery have earned him respect and admiration from fans and fighters alike. He has masterfully announced some of the most high-profile fights in UFC history, adding to his legacy as one of the top ring announcers in the sport.

4. Michael Buffer

As the half-brother of Bruce Buffer, Michael Buffer has become a legendary figure in combat sports. Renowned for his iconic catchphrase, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” Buffer’s booming voice and theatrical announcing style have made him an unmistakable presence in the MMA world. While his appearances in the UFC have been sporadic, his impact is undeniable.

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5. Lenne Hardt

A unique and memorable presence, Lenne Hardt’s voice is instantly recognizable to hardcore MMA fans. Known for her passionate and animated style, Hardt has predominantly worked as a ring announcer for the Pride Fighting Championships in Japan. However, she has also made notable appearances in the UFC, adding her distinct flair to the Octagon.

6. Andy Friedlander

Although not as widely recognized as some of the other names on this list, Andy Friedlander’s contributions to the UFC should not be overlooked. Friedlander served as the ring announcer during the early days of the UFC, bringing his enthusiastic and engaging style to the emerging sport. His efforts laid the foundation for the success and popularity the UFC enjoys today.

7. Joe Rogan

While primarily known for his role as a color commentator, Joe Rogan has also stepped into the ring announcer’s shoes on several occasions. Rogan’s passionate and knowledgeable persona, combined with his unmistakable voice, make his appearances as a ring announcer unforgettable. His versatility and unique insight add an extra layer of excitement to the events he announces.

8. Mike Markham

Mike Markham holds the distinction of being the first-ever ring announcer for the UFC. His clear and authoritative delivery set the tone for future announcers and helped establish the professionalism of the organization. Although his tenure was relatively short-lived, Markham’s contributions were invaluable in shaping the early days of the UFC.

9. Jerry Dunphy

Jerry Dunphy, a renowned news anchor, took on the role of a ring announcer for the UFC during its formative years. Known for his deep, resonant voice, Dunphy added a touch of credibility and gravitas to the events he announced. His association with the UFC helped elevate the sport’s profile and legitimacy during its nascent stages.

10. Rich Goins

Rich Goins is another name that may not be immediately recognizable to casual UFC fans, but his work as a ring announcer deserves recognition. Goins brought a level of professionalism and polish to his announcing duties, helping to enhance the overall presentation of UFC events. His contributions helped shape the standard for future ring announcers in the organization.

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