Who is Cameron Norrie’s Girlfriend? Know All about Louise Jacobi

Cameron Norrie is currently one of the brightest prospects in British Tennis and he is currently in a relationship with Louise Jacobi.

Cameron Norrie is in a relationship with Louise Jacobi. (Image credit: Standard UK Twitter)

Cameron Norrie is one of the brightest prospects in the world of British Tennis. In 2021, Cameron Norrie became the No.1 Tennis player in Britain and registered a total of 52 wins in that year. This doubled up his success rate, having won only 51 matches from the period of 2017 to 2020. Cameron Norrie may have had limited success in Grand Slams, but he is fast emerging as a success on the ATP Circuit. He won his first major ATP Tour title in Los Cabos. Norrie has registered wins over big players like Diego Schwartzman, Denis Shapovalov, Tennys Sandgren, and Dominic Thiem in his career lasting four years.

Currently, he is in the top 20 in his playing career. The success of Britain’s No.1 Tennis player on the court has resulted in plenty of excitement off the court. There have been plenty of queries on Cameron Norrie and his girlfriend. There is also an interesting family detail about Cameron Norrie. Here are all the details of Cameron Norrie and his personal life.

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Cameron Norrie and his Parents, Family

Cameron Norrie was born on August 29, 1995, to a Scottish father and Welsh mother. The father’s name is David Norrie and mother’s is Helen Norrie. They are both microbiologists. His father is a Senior Principal Analyst while Norrie’s mother is the founder of the Regional Urban Studies Laboratory. Cameron Norrie also has a sister called Bronwen.

Cameron Norrie Girlfriend details

Cameron Norrie is currently not married. There have not been many details on his personal life. But, he has a girlfriend by the name of Louise Jacobi. Both of them have been in a relationship for some years.

Who is Louise Jacobi, the girlfriend of Cameron Norrie?

Not much is known about Louise Jacobi. She has been private on her relationship with Cameron Norrie. On her Instagram handle, which goes by the name of @Weezcobi, there are some details. She is apparently an interior and textile designer. Her portfolio’s name is @please_do_not_touch. She is also the co-founder of Studio Virgo. It is a place where one can buy Natural Fiber Fashion & Home Accessories.

Cameron Norrie has often posted photos of him with Louise Jacobi on his Instagram handle. She currently has only 1355 followers, indicating that she is not so active on Instagram.

Do Louise Jacobi and Cameron Norrie have any kids?

The duo are not married. They are just dating each other. There are no reports that they have any children.

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