What is Roger Federer's net worth, prize money, salary, brand endorsements

Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slams and often made tennis look easy. And, in the process, he's made himself a lot of money.

Roger Federer in a file photo. (Image credit: Twitter)

You don’t have to be a fan of Roger Federer to realise the man is class personified. In his prime he often made tennis look easy.

His then-record 20 Grand Slam titles was not the only achievement of his career. There’s also the way he changed the complexion of the game.

And the way he married ruthless dominance filled with beautiful strokeplay.

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Indeed for many who became fans of the sport in the early 2000s, it was Federer’s elegant style of play, out-of-the-world return shots and deadly serves made that made them fall in love with the game.

The professional manner in which Federer conducts himself on and off the field makes him the perfect role model to budding young players.

He lets his racket do the talking, not his mouth. The Swiss legend treats his opponents and chair umpire with nothing but respect.

It is hard to believe that Federer had difficulties in controlling his temper at the nascent stage of his career.

But he has come a long way in overcoming those issues. And he is now a good example for the other players.

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Federer is an all-court, all-around player known for his speed, fluid style of play, and exceptional shot making.

Federer mainly plays from the baseline but is also comfortable at the net. Indeed, he is one of the best volleyers in the game.

He has a powerful, accurate smash and very effectively performs rare elements of professional tennis. His backhand smash, skyhook, half-volley and jump smash are proof of that.

Roger Federer net worth 2021

The net worth of Federer is approximately $500 million. Of that, around $130 million has been in prize money alone.

Roger Federer prize money

YearPrize money (USD)Titles

Roger Federer endorsements 2021

Federer has a multitude of endorsement deals. Rolex are among his oldest partners, but over his career he’s partnered with the likes of Gillette, Barilla, Rimowa, Sunrise, On, Moet & Chandon, NetJets, Emmi AG, and Maurice Lacroix.

Sports giants Wilson and Nike as well as car manufcaturer Mercedes-Benz also used him as a brand ambassador.

Currently he’s also associated with Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo as well as Swiss companies like Credit Suisse, Lindt, Sunrise, and Jura Elektroapparate.

Charity work and foundations

Federer has done a lot of charity work through his career. He set up the Roger Federer Foundation that has provided for over a million children in Africa.

He’s also made notable contributions to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Humpty Dumpty Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mines Advisory Group and Small Steps Project.

Notable assets owned

The Swiss maestro is generally a simple person, but one of his most notable assets is a private jet. He uses it to fly to and from tournaments around the world.

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