Tennis Star Hubert Hurkacz Partners With McLaren For Driving High-End Cars

Hubert Hukarcz has followed his passion for cars as he drives high-end McLaren cars before the tournament as a form of partnership with the company.

Hubert Hukarcz has a passion for sports car, in particular McLaren. (Image credit: Hubert Hukarcz Facebook)

When Hubert Hurkacz reached the semifinal of Wimbledon 2021 after beating Roger Federer in straight sets, he became a Tennis star. His exploits in 2021 have seen Hubert Hurkacz break into the top 10. Currently ranked No.9, the Polish Tennis star has won three titles in 2021 apart from his heroics at Wimbledon. Hubert Hurkacz is one of the new sensations in the world of Tennis and it is no wonder that brands and sponsors have jumped on board to increase his net worth.

Hubert Hurkacz’s career prize money is over USD 4 million with a net worth of USD 2 million. He currently has Yonex and Grupa Lotos as his sponsors. However, there is one particular factor that defines Hubert Hurkacz’s personality. Apart from his passion for Tennis, he is a big enthusiast of sports cars. The favorite among them is McLaren.

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During the 2021 US Open, Hubert Hurkacz was seen driving a McLaren GT. Prior to that, during the Indian Wells tournament, Hurkacz was driving a McLaren 720S. McLaren has gone into a partnership with Hubert Hurkacz and this has made him realize his childhood dream of driving such luxurious cars.

Hubert Hurkacz and McLaren – Dream Combination

Hubert Hurkacz and his association with McLaren came about because of the passion of not just the Tennis player, but to one McLaren executive. The president of McLaren in the Americas, Nic Brown, had worked with the company in Poland. During his time there, he was looking for ways to connect with people who have no idea about Formula One and IndyCar racing. They then stumbled upon Hurkacz.

HUbert Hukarcz and his passion for McLaren.
HUbert Hukarcz loves to drive McLaren. (Image credit: Hubert Hukarcz Facebook)

Apart from Tennis, Hurkacz is also a major F1 fan. In his free time, he ensures he does not miss a single race. Nic Brown realized the passion for Hurkacz and decided that the company will have a partnership with the Polish Tennis star.

In an interview with Forbes, Hurkacz spoke about his dream to drive a McLaren which was realized during the hard-court summer in the US. “You feel so good. Everybody is stressed and I’m comfortable and chill. I put some music on and enjoyed sitting and being in that place. Having a chance to see one of the cars is special, but even to drive it is a great privilege. Just getting inside the car, you see something special. The car feels amazing. When you shut off the engine and walk out of the car, you look back and admire,” Hurkacz told Forbes.

Hubert Hukarcz and his McLaren car
Hubert Hukarcz drove a McLaren in US Open and Indian Wells. (Image credit: Hubert Hukarcz Facebook)

What are the specifications of the McLaren 720S and price in India?

The McLaren accelerates from 0-60 mph in an incredible 2.8 seconds. It can cover a quarter of a mile in 10.4 seconds. It has electro-hydraulic steering that gives the driver immense benefit and comfort. When one talks about the rate in India, it is between Rs 4.65 crore and Rs 5.05 crore. There are two versions of the McLaren 720S which is the 720S Coupe and the 720S Spider

What are the specifications of the McLaren GT and price in India?

The McLaren GT has an engine power of 3994 cc and it is priced at Rs 3.72 crore. It was first introduced to India in July 2021. There is one version of it called the GT Coupe. The acceleration takes just three seconds but there have been complaints that the boot space gets heated up due to the engine. The colors for the GT are the McLaren Orange that can be seen in F1 cars. There is also Aurora Blue, Storm Grey, and Vermillion Red.

Hubert Hukarcz drives a McLaren in Poland.
Hubert Hukarcz drives a McLaren in Poland. (Image credit: McLaren Poland Facebook)

Nic Brown, in an interview with Forbes, has also explored the idea that Hurkacz could be behind the wheel of their upcoming supercars in 2022. The next big step would be Hurkacz with a race car driver. Currently, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo are driving for McLaren. “Getting on the track, being able to experience the full amount of power the car can deliver and the cornering and the safety of being on the track that would be something super special,” Brown said.

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