What tennis racquet does Karen Khachanov use? Know about his tennis gear here

Karen Khachanov is an Olympics silver medallist and one of Russia's brightest young players. Read about the tennis racquet he uses here.

Karen Khachanov in a file photo. (Twitter: @Tokyo2020)

Karen Khachanov is an Olympics silver medallist. It is perhaps one of the more noteworthy achievements of his career, and it came true at the Tokyo Olympics.

Khachanov’s game revolves around his hard-hitting groundstrokes and serve. He is an aggressive baseline player; aiming to be offensive, he dictates the rallies using serves or his efficient forehand.

His defensive game is a bit weaker compared to his aggressive play. A quick glance at it it makes it clear this is something the Russian player needs to work on.

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But that has not stopped him from achieving what he has so far in his career. The massively talented Russian player has already won four ATP singles titles in his career.

This includes a Paris Masters title from 2018; this is also worth noting since it’s an ATP 1000 event, the highest classified of all ATP events except Grand Slams.

His career-high ranking in the ATP charts up till now has been 8, which he notched up in 2019.

Nevertheless, his high profile life as a tennis star means there is plenty of interest in him and his personal life. This, of course, also includes the kind of equipment he uses to play the sport.

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Here we are going to analyse arguably the most important tool a tennis player will use on the court – a racquet.

Karen Khachanov racquet

Karen Khachanov endorses the Wilson Blade 98 (18X20). However, beneath that paint-job is a Wilson H22 that is strung using the Luxilon Alu Power 16L.

As such, there is very little known about the racquet that Khachanov actually uses. Like many pros, he too has customised and retooled his racquet to suit his own needs.

However, what all changes he’s made to the racquet are not available to the public. Therefore, it is hard to know the full details of the racquet he uses.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that if you want to retool your racquet, then it is best to not simply copy whatever pros use. It is about personal preference and figuring out what works for you.

Racquet specs

Length68.58 cm
Head size632 sq.cm
Weight323 g
Balance33 cm
Beam width21 mm
CompositionBraided Graphite / Basalt
Swing weight334
String pattern18 Mains / 20 Crosses

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