What tennis racquet does John Isner use? Know about his tennis gear here

John Isner is only the second player in the history of tennis to have reached the 13,000-ace milestone. Read about the tennis racquet he uses here.

John Isner is considered one of the fastest servers in the world of Tennis. (Image credit: Twitter)

John Isner is a name that is well-known in the world of tennis due to two major reasons. The first is how well he can hit aces.

Isner is only the second player in the history of tennis to have reached the 13,000-ace milestone. Ivo Karlovic was the first player in the game to record the illustrious milestone of 13,000 aces.

Isner’s prowess with regard to serves further extends with regard to the speed at which the same is recorded.

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After all, the American currently holds the record for registering the fastest “official” serve in ATP at 157.2 mph or 253 km/h.

The tennis player further accounted for the third-fastest serve on record in tennis, during the same instance in the first-round 2016 Davis Cup match.

The second reason Isner is known is, of course, that record-breaking match against Nicholas Mahut. In Wimbledon 2010’s first round, the two played what is officially the longest tennis match ever.

The length of the match? An astounding 11 hours and 5 minutes, with the final set ending 70-68 in Isner’s favour.

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Besides this, he’s also won a respectable 22 titles – 16 in singles and 6 in doubles.

Thus there is plenty of interest in his personal life. This, of course, also includes the kind of equipment he uses to play the sport.

Here we are going to analyse arguably the most important tool a tennis player will use on the court – a racquet.

John Isner racquet

Isner currently plays using the Prince Textreme Warrior 100. He strings his racquet with Tecnifibre Pro Red 16 in the mains and crosses.

It’s worth noting that Isner has used this racquet setup for quite some time now. What’s more, it doesn’t seem likely he will change it in the near future.

However, what remains unclear is the manner in which he has customised his racquet. It’s well known that pros will advertise using stock racquets but will often have their own tailor-made to their needs.

Rumours have persisted that Isner slightly extended the frame of his racquet and that he’s added weight to it as well. But again, this is all speculation.

Racquet specs

Head size645.16 square cm
Strung weight315.81g
String pattern16 Mains / 18 Crosses

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