What tennis racquet does Frances Tiafoe use? Know about his tennis gear here

Frances Tiafoe is a tennis player with a contagious enthusiasm and eye-catching style of play. Read about the tennis racquet he uses here.

Frances Tiafoe in a file photo. (Image: Twitter/Wimbledon)

The stock of Frances Tiafoe stock has consistently risen over the last three years. The man nicknamed “Big Foe” is making waves in the tennis world.

Tiafoe, who has a contagious enthusiasm, has rapidly become a fan favourite. His hustle and passion have earned him the respect of his peers, while his shot-making and NBA-style victory celebrations have made him a must-see.

Tiafoe won the Boys’ 18s title in the 2013 Orange Bowl at the age of 15. This made him the tournament’s youngest champion in the tournament’s 67-year history.

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Four months later, he won the 2014 Easter Bowl, another highly regarded junior competition. He then quickly rose to No. 2 in the ITF World Junior Rankings.

In fact, he was the first American to win both the Orange Bowl and the Easter Bowl 18s since John McEnroe in 1976.

Tiafoe has also embraced his position both as one of the few African American players on the ATP Tour and as a potential role model to youngsters in general.

“That’s one of my biggest motivations – to get more black people playing tennis. But I’m just trying to inspire everyone, doesn’t matter what race; especially younger people.”

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As such, given his high-profile nature, there’s always been a degree of interest in the personal life of Tiafoe. And this is despite his lack of personal success. And this, of course, also includes the kind of equipment he uses to play the sport.

Here we are going to analyse arguably the most important tool a tennis player will use on the court – a racquet.

Frances Tiafoe racquet

Tiafoe uses the Yonex Dual-G VCORE Pro 97; interestingly, he skips one cross string from the 16×20 pattern to turn it into a 16×19 pattern.

He also endorses the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 310, and that is a pretty good racquet in its own right as well.

The specs on his racquet – which will we get to in a bit – are pretty light for a professional tennis player. But they do seem to suit his style and that’s the thing with personalising your specs; it has to suit your style of play best.

He string his racquets with Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25 and adds lead tape at 3 and 9 to get his racquet up to the desired specs.

Racquet specs

Estimated strung specs335g
Balance33cm approx.
Swing weight330 approx.

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