Emma Raducanu could skip the French Open

Emma Raducanu was forced to withdraw from the 2022 Italian Open due to a physical ailment after she was ousted in the first round.

Emma Raducanu in a file photo. (Credit: Twitter/@EmmaRaducanu)
By Niranjan Shivalkar | May 17, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Last year’s US Open 2021 winner, Emma Raducanu was forced to withdraw from the 2022 Italian Open. Raducanu was ousted in the first round, having to withdraw at the start of the second set after losing the first set 6-2, due to a physical ailment, most likely the same one she experienced in Madrid. Going ahead with her injury there are probabilities that she could have to withdraw from the Roland Garros as well making sure she is 100% fit to hit the court back.

‘I underestimated this problem’

Emma expressed her disappointment by saying that after Madrid she wanted to try, but only off the court and realized how hard and difficult it was. “I am deeply disappointed with how it went. After Madrid I decided I wanted to try, but only off the court, I realized how hard and difficult it was. I am inexperienced and not used to such things and I pushed my body further. After Madrid I decided to take a few days off, then I got here and started training. I felt limited and I think I underestimated this problem and the fact that it could come back in a match.” expressed the 19 year old.

The French Open 2022

Emma Raducanu then went on to discuss the future, namely the French Open in 2022. She said she definitely doesn’t want to lose the tournament, but needs to be sure that her back is completely recovered. “Obviously I would not want to lose it but I have to make sure that my back is totally healed, I don’t want to play my next match still with physical problems. Despite everything these weeks have been positive and I just have to continue on this path.” said the British.

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Carlos Alcaraz

Emma then spoke on Carlos Alcaraz’s outstanding performance following Madrid’s triumph. “What he is doing this year is incredible, he is playing so well and it is impressive. He has made physical progress over the past year and they have certainly helped him. It’s nice that at this age he is already so strong. The differences between him and me? He probably did more workloads and trained in this sport more time than I did. I hope that in a few years he will be able to do things similar to him.” said Raducanu.

Alcaraz now anticipates to know more about Emma Raducanu’s physical state. The French Open 2022 starts from may 16.



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