What tennis racquet does Denis Shapovalov use? Know about his tennis gear here

Denis Shapovalov is a player many believe is destined to for big things in tennis. Read about the tennis racquet he uses here.

Denis Shapovalov in a file photo. (Twitter: @AustralianOpen)

Denis Shapovalov was born on April 15, 1999 meaning he is currently 22 years old. Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, it is arguable that Shapovalov always had tennis in his blood.

His mother was part of the Soviet Union tennis team prior to the collapse of the state. And it was she who first coached him when he showed an interest in the game.

The family then moved from Israel to Canada; it was here that Shapovalov thus developed his game. His mother became a coach in a club, where young Denis would also learn his craft.

Eventually she would establish her own academy solely to teach her son. And, after a promising junior career, he turned pro and hasn’t looked back since.

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Shapovalov is a tennis player who many believe is destined to for big things in the sport. The southpaw has been a consistently threatening presence in ATP events or Grand Slams in recent years.

Shapovalov is a player who is comfortable with both his backhand and forehand. Indeed, he is one of few to enjoy a one-handed backhand with left topspin.

He’s used the move on a fairly regular basis and often to devastating effect. The Canadian’s extremely dominant forehand is also a massive asset.

Nevertheless, his high profile life as a tennis star means there is plenty of interest in him and his personal life. This, of course, also includes the kind of equipment he uses to play the sport.

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Here we are going to analyse the most important tool a tennis player uses on court – a racquet.

Denis Shapovalov racquet

Shapovalov uses the Yonex VCORE SV 95, but this isn’t the only racquet he’s used in his pro career. Previously he used to play using a Wilson Six One 95.

The racquet is stringed with the Yonex Poly Tour Pro strings in the mains and Wilson Natural Gut in the crosses.

The young Canadian has also used this racquet for quite some time now. Given how well it’s worked for him so far it seems unlikely he will be changing it in the near future.

Racquet specs

Length27 in
Head Size95 sq in
Weight11.5 oz / 326 g
Balance7Pts HL
String Pattern16 × 20
Swing Weight324

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