Parimatch mobile app for iOS and Android - how to download?

The Parimatch mobile app for iOS and Android is available to the players of this legal bookmaker. Check out how to install it.

Parimatch mobile app
By Karthik Raman | Mar 9, 2022 | 10 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

How to Download Parimatch to Your Android or iOS Device?

Bookmaker Parimatch APK has already become part of the modern sports world. It is often thanks to such offices that sports events become even more tempting, fueling the interest of fans. We can say that bookmakers are intermediaries between fans of sports betting.

It’s no secret that bookmakers are a pretty good business. According to some reports, this kind of activity brings in billions of dollars every year. How do they do it and how do they work?

What are betting odds?

As with any game, the most important thing is the rules. Before you start your Chinese or monopoly turn, you read the rules of the game carefully so that you can plan your strategy accordingly, right? This is the main factor that can allow you to win. The same is the case with sports betting. Before you start trying your hand at the world of tipsters, it is worth getting acquainted with generally accepted practices and supplementing your knowledge, for example, with knowledge of bookmakers’ odds. You have probably heard this concept a million times and you realize that without these magic numbers your win would not be possible. So what are these numbers at the plant and what are they for? 

Simply put, betting odds are nothing else than the chances of a given match, determined by the bookmaker. This means that the trader, who is responsible for specific calculations, estimates the probability of winning, losing, drawing, or, for example, who will score first. So it simply determines the chance of a given bet entering! 

Can such information be useful for the player? Of course! If you only know how to use it in your typing. If you have no idea how to do it, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! We are about to sell you some of the most important information parimatch download on this topic and the betting odds will be no secret for you. Thanks to this, you will be able to become a betting master! To work!

How to read betting odds?

If you want to get serious about betting and significantly increase your chances of winning, you need to know as much as you can. This is no joke. Only people who are meticulous about the topic achieve results. Even if math is not your forte, you will easily understand what is meant by “betting odds” and how knowing these numbers can improve the quality and level of your game. What do you need to know? First of all, know the category in which you are betting, the composition of teams and players, their game history, injuries or match statistics. The betting odds offered by bookmakers are also the basis. This is one of the most important elements, so it doesn’t hurt to learn more about it. What are the betting odds really? Let’s start by explaining the concept of “opportunity”, which is strongly related to this concept. Chance is actually the probability that an event will occur. They are most often expressed as a percentage.

In the betting industry, bookmaker odds are divided into several types: decimal, fractional or American. How are they different from each other and how can they help you with your typing?

Decimal odds

Bookmaker odds decimal is nothing more than another way of presenting probability. Instead of a percentage, it is expressed parimatch India app as a decimal number. For example, instead of saying that the probability of an event occurring is suppose 64%, this converts to a number and in this case the rate would be 1.56. About calculating the probability from the odds, we write a little further. 

However, the decimal rate will tell you not only what is the probability of the event you want to bet on, but also how much you will earn from it! For example: if you bet USD 10 on an event whose odds are 6.00, your return will be USD 60 and thus a profit of USD 50. As? Profit is the difference between your return and your stake. In this case, you bet USD 10, you won the bet, so you were refunded USD 60 in total (odds 6.00 multiplied by the stake USD 10). If you deduct 10 USD of the stake from the 60 USD win, then 50 USD of pure (real) profit will be obtained. All clear?

Fecimal odds

This is another way of expressing the chance of an event occurring. Do you remember fractions from math lessons? It’s exactly the same! This type of presentation of an opportunity is particularly popular with the English download parimatch app. So you can also present the course in the decimal system in the fractional system and it amounts to, for example, 3/2 What does it mean? That to win USD 20 you have to bet USD 30. zs

Mobile applications and website 

Registered customers of Parimatch can use applications prepared for mobile devices. Their operation is intuitive and convenient. They are characterized by a very good technical performance, high stability and negligible failure rate. Parimatch app gives you access to all the necessary options. In addition to betting on matches, they also allow you to watch sports broadcast Parimatch, access detailed statistics, view coupons and many, many more. Mobile applications are available to all users of phones and tablets powered by Android and iOS systems. For players using Windows Phone or for some reason who do not like mobile applications, Parimatch has prepared a mobile website that will adapt itself to a given device. Parimatch apk can serve as a model for other bookmakers – they offer a very high convenience of use, are well-designed and make you want to use them. You can download the parimatch app from the AppStore. Owners of devices with an operating system from Google can download parimatch apk on the betting site.

Bookmaker odds calculator

If you want to play a bit more seriously and predict various events, not just a win, you will need help. And it’s not that we don’t believe in your math skills, but we think that it is worth taking every lifeline that is available. It just so happens that you can calculate your odds on the coupon using a clever program like the bookmaker odds calculator. This will tell you how much you need to gamble for to get the right amount of money. This is especially useful for AKO coupons. 

What’s more, it will be easy for you to compare the bookmaker odds for each of the bookmakers, and in addition, the betting odds conversion will not be a challenge for you. And if you go abroad and meet a different type of odds there than with us, you already know where and how to calculate your chances of winning. So it’s good to know such a tool, right?

How do bookmakers calculate odds?

Ok, you already know what these odds are, what you can read from them and how to present them, and you’ve mastered parimatch apk download android the betting odds calculator to perfection, right? Now it is worth looking at how the bookmaker odds can be calculated. 

Everything is really based on statistics. The bookmaker carefully analyzes individual players or teams – their wins, losses, injuries – generally gathers as much information as possible. All of them will tell him how good a given team or player is. When it collects and studies all the data, it issues odds that determine the chances of a player or team. The lower the odds, the greater the probability of winning the bet according to beech. Attention! Please note that rates are subject to change, but we’ll write more about that later.

How do I calculate the probability?

It’s time to go back to math lessons. Thanks to this, we will better understand how beech trees judge their chances of winning. Here, unfortunately, the bookmaker odds calculator will not be useful to us, but an ordinary calculator is. Probability is a field that deals with calculating the odds that an event will occur parimatch app download apk download. It is often said that this is only a theoretical value, as the probability of an eagle being thrown on a coin toss is 1: 2, but that does not mean that there will be an eagle 5 times out of 10 tosses. 

In any case, to compute the probability, we need to figure out how many of all possible events are, and how many favoring events are, and divide one value by the other. And it’s ready! 

How do bookmakers set odds?

Who would like to know a secret and find out how to calculate the betting odds, hand up? Ok, maybe not so secret, but we can assure you that we will touch on some very important issues here. Bookmakers employ a lot of specialists who are responsible for calculating the rate for a specific event. To do this as correctly as possible, you have to consider a whole host of factors. What are these variables? Team or player status – depending on what the bet is about.

Circumstances of the game – is the game taking place on the home or away pitch? Has there been a line-up change in the team and someone is playing as a substitute because the “star” has been withdrawn due to an injury or a red card? The significance of the match – is it a game to enter the final or a friendly match? What can players parimatch india apk download gain and what can players lose? A story with rivals – the opponents like each other, do they have any conflict? Or maybe one of the players moved to the other team before this particular match?

Team/player form – are there injuries or a return after an injury? Is there anything exciting going on in the player’s private life that could affect the quality of his game?

Overall Match Stats – How the Teams Compared to Others. Do they often win or fail? Do they play better on their pitch surrounded by the majority of their fans, or when they are away?

There are a lot of such factors, but each of them is extremely important and can determine the fate and decide whether your coupon will enter or, unfortunately, you will feel the taste of failure. And there is one more thing. It is worth remembering that when a bookmaker sets betting odds, it also takes into account something like a bookmaker’s margin. This is a profit for the beech for producing the service. This way he makes money on every bet.

Event odds movements, or how betting odds work in practice

Anyone who has placed a bet at least once has pointed out that during the event on which the coupon was placed, betting odds may fluctuate. How? Either they go up or they go down. These are the so-called betting odds movements. Why is this happening? Everything is due to the fact that some of the factors we mentioned earlier change very dynamically. This in turn has an impact on the chances of winning or losing. That is why beech often modifies the rates and adapts them to the current situation. 

Here is an example of one of them. The beech makes an offer 3 months before the event. The rate is at a high level, because by this time everything can actually happen before the event and at the moment the chances that the event will happen (e.g. this particular team will win the tournament) are small. Additionally, it is supposed to be an incentive for potential players. During these months, more players decide to bet, the bet becomes more and more popular, so beech decides to lower the rate parimatch mobile app download. Why? Because the more people bet on a given event, the greater the chance that a large number of people will hit, so the beech will have to pay out a large amount of money, and this is not what it wants. 

This is called the dynamics of the course and applies to both the pre-match and live offer. Occurring injuries and changes in the team, e.g. if any of the players get a red card. This significantly increases or decreases the odds, as the game can be replaced by a player who scores well or who is the best in defense. Please note that the odds change applies to those events that are included in the bookmaker’s offers and the odds cannot change once they have been placed. This means that if you have already placed a bet at eg 3.00, and after a week the rate has dropped to 1.50, you are playing for your odds anyway, because the coupon is already in play. 

Why is it so important to compare bookmakers’ odds before placing a bet

The truth is that each bookmaker sets the odds and margin individually. Therefore, they are usually slightly different from bookmakers to bookmaker. To make profitable bets, you should always compare the offers and choose the one that works best for you. Whatever, the odds may not be big, but if you recalculate the win option (the betting odds calculator can help you here), it can make a nice sum!

Besides, the golden rule of typing is to calmly and thoroughly check the best solution. After all, if you want to buy a TV set, it is similar. First, you do research to find the one that meets your expectations and needs, and then you try to find a store parimatch app download apk where the offer will be more advantageous: lower price, free installments for half a year or no payment for VAT. Bookmakers do the same and try to attract new players with the promise of a free bet, risk-free bet or extra money. Therefore, do not be afraid to select offers, because you can simply gain more.


Parimatch is the most popular bookmaker in India for a reason. The website offer is really impressive and is practically second to none. If you are a person who appreciates the highest quality of services and impeccable reputation of a given website, this bookmaker will hit the spot. By downloading the Parimatch app, you will gain access to really interesting opportunities to interact with the platform. You’ll be able to make quick deposits and withdrawals, use push notifications, view statistics, watch live matches and much, much more. It is difficult today to find a bookmaker that would have a more attractive offer.