Interesting facts about Paris Olympics 2024

Paris will host the 2024 Olympics exactly after 100 years since they hosted the Olympics back in 1924 and this fact is even more interesting.

Paris (Image Credits - Paris 2024/website)
By Pushkar Pandey | Mar 20, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Paris Olympics 2024, will be held from 26 July to 11 August 2024, whereas Paralympic Games will take place from 28 August until 8 September. The Olympics event for rugby and football at Paris Olympics will be from 24th July, which is two days before the Opening Ceremony.

Paris will join London as the only city to host the Olympics on three occasions. Previously Paris hosted in 1990 and 1924 and now in 2024, and London hosted the Olympics in 1908, 1948, and 2012. Paris will host the 2024 Olympics exactly after 100 years since they hosted the Olympics back in 1924 and this fact is even more interesting.

Number of sports and medals

July 2024, the opening ceremony will not be held in the stadium for the first time. Instead, it will take place in the Seine, the river that crosses the center of Paris. There will be a total of 32 sports played during the Paris Olympics 2024 games and 329 medal events in total. Swimming will have the most medal events being awarded in Paris Olympics 2024. A total of 49 events will be there across swimming, marathon swimming, diving, water polo, and artistic swimming.

Introduction of new sports

There should be about 10,500 athletes present at the Paris Olympics 2024 from across the world. There is a new sport that is introduced in Paris 2024 Olympics edition. Competition in the dance sports will have two events, one for women and one for men. 16 from each side will go face to face in solo battles.

Approximately 45000 volunteers will help in Paris 2024 Olympics. A total of 35 venues, with fourteen sites hosting 24 Olympic sports will be located within 10km of the Olympic Village. Some of the Olympic events will take place in iconic venues of Paris, whereas Beach volleyball will be held at the Champ de Mars (under the Eiffel Tower). The urban sports will be conducted at La Concorde. While, fencing and taekwondo will take place at the Grand Palais. The Marathon will start at the Hotel de Ville.

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The Paris 2024 games will not take place in France’s capital. As the football tournament will be played in Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Nice, and Marseille, sailing will be in Marseille. While Lille will also have team sports. The surfing competition will be held on the Pacific island’s Teahupoo wave, located about 15000 km from Paris. And this will be the first time that the 2024 Games will also take place in the French territory of Tahiti.

Ticket Prices

Around 10 million tickets will be sold for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics with approximately 3.4 million tickets for the Paralympics. The ticket price for all the Olympic sports at Paris 2024 will start at €24. And for all Paralympic sports, it will be €15. Paris 2024 will have the IOC Refugee Olympic team. The first refugee team participated in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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