Stephen Curry has a signed LeBron James jersey hanging at his childhood home from his Davidson days

LeBron James went to a college game in 2008 just to see Stephen Curry play and gave him a signed Jersey that Curry possess at his childhood home.

LeBron James went to a college game in 2008 just to see Stephen Curry play and gave him a signed Jersey that he possess at his childhood home: Twitter
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Over the years Stephen Curry and LeBron James have gone toe-to-toe for the greatest basketball accolade the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Between the two LeBron emerged victorious once in 2016 while Stephen Curry defeated him the other three times between 2015-18. Their battle for the NBA championship will be remembered as one of the fiercest rivalries of all time. While the two are friends and comrades on and off the court now, they first met when Stephen Curry was not even in the NBA.

In 2008 when Curry was at Davidson and LeBron and Cleveland Cavaliers paid him a visit at an NCAA game. The Cavaliers were playing at the Detroit Pistons the following night and LeBron James made sure he was at Ford Field in Detroit to watch Curry take on Wisconsin in the Sweet 16. Curry scored 40 points against Gonzaga in the first round of the 2008 NCAA Tournament, and then he added 30 points against Georgetown in the second. Safe to say that Stephen Curry put on a show and got a signed Jersey from the King himself.

Stephen Curry recalls seeing LeBron at a collegiate game 

Stephen Curry told JJ. Reddick on his podcast the Old man and the three that he has signed a LeBron jersey at home. Curry said, “Still have in my dad’s house in North Carolina, I still have a Bron Jersey on the wall in my bedroom. He signed the next year he came to Charlotte and I went to the game and he signed a jersey and it’s like the greatest shooter in North Carolina or something like that.” It is truly remarkable to know that Curry and LeBron go way back. In fact, Curry and LeBron were born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio!

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Stephen Curry and LeBron James were born at the same hospital in Akron, Ohio, 1,170 days apart birthed by the same nurse too! Curry also added by saying “He wrote and signed it and I kept it, gave me the shoes after the game and all that. So it’s still wild just to think about the journey since then because uh who would have ever thought that.”

LeBron James details his first encounter with Chef Curry at an NCAA tournament

It is safe to say that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter that the NBA has ever seen. LeBron was one of the foremost people to see his talents and it was back during his Davidson days.

LeBron admitted that the buzz around Curry was true and that he was compelled to see the youngster up close and personal. LeBron tweeted saying,” Wasn’t some kid to me! I knew he was SPECIAL that’s why I went to see it up close and personal!”. LeBron signed a jersey for Curry and wrote something along the lines of that he was the best shooter in North Carolina. No one could have assumed that the two would hare the court at the highest stage for so many years.



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