Milwaukee Bucks 2022/23 Schedule, Roster, Coaching Staff, Season Record

The month of December will see the Bucks take on the big teams. Lakers (December 2), Warriors (December 13), Grizzlies (December 15), Nets (December 23) and the Celtics (December 25).

Milwaukee Bucks in a file photo (Image credits: Twitter)
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The Milwaukee Bucks will kick off their NBA campaign by travelling to the Wells Fargo Center to take on the Philadelphia 76ers on October 20th. The Bucks will then welcome the Brooklyn Nets to the Fiserv Forum on October 26th in what will surely be a good game. The month of December is when the Milwaukee Bucks will take on all the big teams. Los Angeles Lakers (December 2), Golden State Warriors (December 13), Memphis Grizzlies (December 15), Brooklyn Nets (December 23) and the Boston Celtics (December 25).

Oct 20, 2022Philadelphia 76ersWells Fargo Center7:30 PM ETTNT
Oct 22, 2022Houston RocketsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Oct 26, 2022Brooklyn NetsFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETESPN
Oct 28, 2022New York KnicksFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Oct 29, 2022Atlanta HawksFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Oct 31, 2022Detroit PistonsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 2, 2022Detroit PistonsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 4, 2022Minnesota TimberwolvesTarget Center10:00 PM ETESPN
Nov 5, 2022Oklahoma City ThunderFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 7, 2022Atlanta HawksState Farm Arena8:15 PM ET
Nov 9, 2022Oklahoma City ThunderPaycom Center8:00 PM ET
Nov 11, 2022San Antonio SpursAT&T Center8:00 PM ET
Nov 14, 2022Atlanta HawksFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 16, 2022Cleveland CavaliersFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 18, 2022Philadelphia 76ersWells Fargo Center7:30 PM ETESPN
Nov 21, 2022Portland TrailblazersFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 23, 2022Chicago BullsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 25, 2022Cleveland CavaliersFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Nov 27, 2022Dallas MavericksFiserv Forum8:00 PM ETNBAt
Nov 30, 2022New York KnicksMadison Square Garden7:30 PM ET
Dec 2, 2022Los Angeles LakersFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETESPN
Dec 3, 2022Charlotte HornetsSpectrum Center6:00 PM ET
Dec 5, 2022Orlando MagicAmway Center7:00 PM ET
Dec 7, 2022Sacramento KingsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Dec 9, 2022Dallas MavericksAmerican Airlines Center10:00 PM ETESPN
Dec 11, 2022Houston RocketsToyota Center7:00 PM ET
Dec 13, 2022Golden State WarriorsFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETTNT
Dec 15, 2022Memphis GrizzliesFedExForum8:00 PM ETNBAt
Dec 17, 2022Utah JazzFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Dec 19, 2022New Orleans PelicansSmoothie King Center8:00 PM ET
Dec 21, 2022Cleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse7:00 PM ET
Dec 23, 2022Brooklyn NetsBarclays Center7:30 PM ET
Dec 25, 2022Boston CelticsTD Garden5:00 PM ETABC
Dec 28, 2022Chicago BullsUnited Center8:00 PM ET
Dec 30, 2022Minnesota TimberwolvesFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Jan 1, 2023Washington WizardsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Jan 3, 2023Washington WizardsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ETNBAt
Jan 4, 2023Toronto RaptorsScotiabank Arena7:30 PM ETESPN
Jan 6, 2023Charlotte HornetsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Jan 9, 2023New York KnicksMadison Square Garden7:30 PM ET
Jan 11, 2023Atlanta HawksState Farm Arena7:30 PM ETESPN
Jan 12, 2023Miami HeatFTX Arena7:30 PM ET
Jan 14, 2023Miami HeatFTX Arena1:00 PM ETABC
Jan 16, 2023Indiana PacersFiserv Forum2:30 PM ET
Jan 17, 2023Toronto RaptorsFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETTNT
Jan 21, 2023Cleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse7:30 PM ET
Jan 23, 2023Detroit PistonsLittle Caesars Arena7:00 PM ET
Jan 25, 2023Denver NuggetsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Jan 27, 2023Indiana PacersGainbridge Fieldhouse7:00 PM ET
Jan 29, 2023New Orleans PelicansFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Jan 31, 2023Charlotte HornetsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Feb 2, 2023Los Angeles ClippersFiserv Forum10:00 PM ETTNT
Feb 4, 2023Miami HeatFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Feb 6, 2023Portland TrailblazersModa Center10:00 PM ETNBAt
Feb 9, 2023Los Angeles Arena10:00 PM ETTNT
Feb 10, 2023Los Angeles Arena10:30 PM ET
Feb 14, 2023Boston CelticsFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETTNT
Feb 16, 2023Chicago BullsUnited Center7:30 PM ETTNT
Feb 24, 2023Miami HeatFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETESPN
Feb 26, 2023Phoenix SunsFiserv Forum1:00 PM ETABC
Feb 28, 2023Brooklyn NetsBarclays Center7:30 PM ET
Mar 1, 2023Orlando MagicFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Mar 4, 2023Philadelphia 76ersFiserv Forum8:30 PM ETABC
Mar 6, 2023Washington WizardsCapital One Arena7:00 PM ET
Mar 7, 2023Orlando MagicAmway Center7:00 PM ET
Mar 9, 2023Brooklyn NetsFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETTNT
Mar 11, 2023Golden State WarriorsChase Center8:30 PM ETABC
Mar 13, 2023Sacramento KingsGolden 1 Center10:00 PM ET
Mar 14, 2023Phoenix SunsFootprint Center10:00 PM ETNBAt
Mar 16, 2023Indiana PacersFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Mar 19, 2023Toronto RaptorsFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Mar 22, 2023San Antonio SpursFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Mar 24, 2023Utah JazzVivint Arena9:00 PM ET
Mar 25, 2023Denver NuggetsBall Arena9:00 PM ET
Mar 27, 2023Detroit PistonsLittle Caesars Arena7:00 PM ETNBAt
Mar 29, 2023Indiana PacersGainbridge Fieldhouse7:00 PM ET
Mar 30, 2023Boston CelticsFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETTNT
Apr 2, 2023Philadelphia 76ersFiserv Forum8:00 PM ET
Apr 4, 2023Washington WizardsCapital One Arena7:00 PM ET
Apr 5, 2023Chicago BullsFiserv Forum7:30 PM ETESPN
Apr 7, 2023Memphis GrizzliesFiserv Forum8:00 PM ETNBAt
Apr 9, 2023Toronto RaptorsScotiabank Arena1:00 PM ET

Milwaukee Bucks Roster

The Milwaukee Bucks are stacked with physical players all across the board. Giannis Antetokounmpo will lead the team once again in a bid to repeat the success of 2021 when they beat the Phoenix Suns to lift the NBA title. He will be supported ably by the likes of Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez who are essential to the team. The signings of Serge Ibaka will no doubt be a big boost on defense while Wesley Matthews will add more shooting depth into the team. In Joe Ingles, the Bucks have an proven three point shooter who will complement the players that dominate in the paint. 

Grayson AllenGuard
Thanasis AntetokounmpoForward
Alex AntetokounmpoForward
Giannis AntetokounmpoForward
MarJon BeauchampForward
Jevon CarterGuard
Pat ConnaughtonGuard
A.J. GreenGuard
George HillGuard
Jrue HolidayGuard
Serge IbakaForward
Joe InglesForward/Guard
Brook LopezCenter
Sandro MamukelashviliForward/Center
Wesley MatthewsGuard
Khris MiddletonForward
Bobby PortisForward
Luca VildozaGuard
Lindell WiggintonGuard

Milwaukee Bucks Coaching Staff

Mike BudenholzerHead Coach
Vin BakerAssistant Coach
Mike DunlapAssistant Coach
Chad ForcierAssistant Coach
Charles LeeAssistant Coach
Josh OppenheimerAssistant Coach
Patrick St. AndrewsAssistant Coach

Last five year’s record

SeasonGames PlayedWinsLossesFinishPlayoffs
2017/188244383rd, CentralLost in First Round
2018/198260221st, CentralLost in Conference Finals
2019/207356171st, CentralLost in Conference Semifinals
2020/217246261st, CentralNBA champions
2021/228251311st, CentralLost in Conference Semifinals

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