Kendrick Perkins claims Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are the X-Factor for Warriors ahead of NBA Finals

Wiggins and Poole have been very impressive so far in the playoffs and they will be crucial if the Warriors want to beat Boston.

Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole in a file photo. (Image credits: twitter)
By Sujay Gaurav | Jun 3, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Golden State Warriors will take on the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the NBA Finals and the expectations are running for both the teams. Golden State became the first team since the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls to reach the NBA Finals in 6 of 8 seasons. Their coach Steve Kerr also became the first coach in NBA history to reach the Finals in his first six playoff appearances. Naturally, there has been a lot of talk from pundits and ex-players on what the Warriors can do to win against the Boston Celtics who have been the best defensive team in the league by far.

Former NBA player, Kendrick Perkins said that while the Warriors have all the experience they need, it will come down to two new players who he says will be the X-Factor if they want to win and they are Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole. Wiggins and Poole have been very impressive so far in the playoffs and they will be crucial if the Warriors want to beat Boston. Speaking on NBA Today, Perkins said, “We talk about experience when we talk about the Warriors, right? But there are only four players that are playing that got the experience. They are Draymond, Klay, Steph and Looney. I don’t want to count out Andre Iguodala but he hasn’t been playing.

“So I look at the others for the Golden State Warriors, they are guys that haven’t been here but have been playing in this postseason and I look at Jordan Poole and I look at Andrew Wiggins. And when those two guys play good together on the same night, the Warriors blow teams out. So I am looking at those two to be the X factor. The combination of both of those two guys playing well. Andrew Wiggins, not necessarily having to go out there and put up 20 a night but go out there and make Jayson Tatum struggle from the field. And I am looking at Jordan Poole to pick up that slack when Klay Thompson or Steph Curry don’t have it going. He has been that x-factor offensively all postseason and I expect those two, the combination of those two if the warriors wanna win to be dangerous.”

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Warriors should not play fast

Richard Jefferson, who won the NBA title during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers said that for the Warriors to win, they have to not play very fast and should limit their turnovers to a minimum. He said, “The Warriors are going to win the NBA Finals if they play the type of basketball that’s not home run basketball except when they need a home run. The Warriors feed off the crowd, they feed off energy, they feed off momentum. But all of a sudden they play too fast. You look at that Memphis series and they were turning the ball over excessively and all you have to do is play consistent basketball. If they shoot the three well and if they keep the turnover average for themselves, which would mean an accomplishment against the Boston Celtics, then I think the Warriors win.