Kendrick Perkins believes that the Brooklyn Nets could miss the NBA Playoffs this se

Kendrick Perkins sounded off on the Brooklyn Nets and stated that they didn't have enough to make the playoffs this season.

The Brooklyn Nets are off to a slow start this season [Image-Twitter]
By Godwin Matthew | Nov 19, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Kendrick Perkins has once again written off the Brooklyn Nets as he stated that the team could potentially miss the playoffs this season. The Eastern Conference side are off to a 7-9 start and has not played great basketball so far. Aside from their on-the-court problems, the team has been battling issues outside involving Kyrie Irving. The seven-time All-Star was handed a suspension by the franchise for his recent controversy where many believed he had anti-semitic views.

He is expected to be back for the Brooklyn Nets when they take on the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday. However, even with his return, former NBA champion, Kendrick Perkins is not completely sold on the idea of the Nets making the playoffs. Speaking about their road so far, he said on “The First Take” that:

“Anybody that have common sense, not a smart individual, just common sense, you don’t even have to be a basketball fan to think and know that this Nets team is not that good, they are not that better than a lot of teams in the Eastern Conference. And I could go down the list, but there it is right, they are just trying to get through the season. We just heard Kevin Durant call out the front office basically about the guys he are on the floor with right now, and I get they won one game, it was a nice win in Portland last night. Ben Simmons finally showed up and played, well I am not about to applaud a fish for swimming, okay, he finally showed up and produced for the money that he’s getting paid. But I am not banking on the Nets making the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, not this year, they’d be lucky to make the play-in tournament.”

Can the Brooklyn Nets make it to the playoffs in the Eastern Conference?

The Eastern Conference has had a lot of competition in the past few years. Brooklyn Nets have been a contender in the East, but with the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors performing, it only makes sense to question the Nets’ chances of making it to the playoffs. Brooklyn is one of the most disgruntled units in the NBA.

They have always been marred by controversies and that has led to them failing to create an impact in the postseason. Despite having big names like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, this campaign there are doubts surrounding their chances. However, when things are all right, the Brooklyn Nets are a side to beat. The offensive prowess, Durant and Irving possess make them one of the most powerful duos in basketball. To add to this, they also have Ben Simmons, who has struggled so far, but as the season moves forward, he is expected to showcase his true potential.

If the Big 3 are able to perform, the Brooklyn Nets can certainly wreak havoc in the East. However, they will have to keep anything except basketball outside as that seems to be the only dwindling problem with the team.

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