Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to witness LeBron James become NBA’s all-time leading scorer

Lebron James will play in his 1,410th and 1,411st regular season games in his career on Tuesday and Thursday nights, respectively.

LeBron James in a file photo (Image credits: Twitter)
By Niranjan Shivalkar | Feb 6, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Over the following two games, LeBron James of the LA Lakers is anticipated to overtake the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the NBA’s all-time top scorer. Just 35 points separate James’ 38,352 career points from Abdul-38,387. In order to shatter the record, James, who is averaging 30.0 points per game this year, needs to score 36 more points. The most anticipated NBA event of the 2022–23 season has been James actually doing it, therefore it makes sense that tickets for upcoming Lakers games have been in high demand. When the historic moment occurs, Abdul-Jabbar will be present, according to Lakers play-by-play announcer Billy MacDonald.

Lakers’ to face Thunder and Bucks 

The Lakers’ following game is against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday at home. Thursday’s home game between LA and the Milwaukee Bucks will follow. James has reached the 36-point plateau in nine of his 43 games this season, which means that he has a far higher chance of breaking the record against the Bucks. Most people concur that doing it this way is most appropriate because Milwaukee was Kareem Abdul-initial Jabbar’s team. Before spending 14 years with LA, Abdul-Jabbar spent six seasons with the Bucks.

Crossing the mark

However, it remains to be seen if James plans to go all out for the record on Tuesday or if he will pace himself to be able to break it on Thursday. Either way, as long as James stays healthy and out of foul trouble, he should be a lock to pass Abdul-Jabbar no later than Thursday. Despite the two stars’ rocky personal history, it should be a memorable and emotional night for both.

The Statistics 

LeBron James has played much less games than it took Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to break the scoring record. James will play in his 1,410th and 1,411st regular season games in his career on Tuesday and Thursday nights, respectively. Throughout his career, James has averaged 27.2 points per game (PPG). Abdul-Jabbar, meanwhile, finished his career with 1,560 games played during the regular season and a 24.6 PPG average. In light of this, James will probably be able to surpass Abdul-Jabbar in 150 or 149 fewer contests.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar receives his 1974 MVP trophy.

In addition, Abdul-Jabbar retired following his 20th NBA season, in which he only managed to average 10.1 PPG. James is currently in his 20th season and continues to average 30.0 points per game. James will not only surpass Abdul-record Jabbar’s in fewer games, but it appears that he will eventually destroy it. Some would counter that Abdul-Jabbar played during a more challenging time.

Playing Style

On the court, Kareem was just as menacing in his 40s as he was in his 20s because to his deadly skyhook. Famously, he said, “The location of the ball need not be known. You don’t have to keep an eye on the ball, but you do have to keep an eye on the basket “while dissecting the skyhook’s mechanism. The excellent, high-arching shot and countless hours of preparation led to a career that lasted a very long time. While the league was envious of Kareem’s offensive skills, he also took great satisfaction in his defense, making the All-NBA Defensive Team 11 times.