Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shares what he felt when LeBron James broke the scoring record he held for 38 years

Kareen Abdul-Jabbar opens up about how felt as LeBron James broke his record that was believed unachievable for 38 years

By Godwin Matthew | Feb 9, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

LeBron James created history last night with a fadeaway jumper as that helped him cross Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. The 38-year-old needed 36 points on the night against the Oklahoma City Thunder to break the record and he managed to get that done in three quarters. Along with millions of people across the world, James’ glorious moment was also watched by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who held the record for 38 years.

The Hall of Famer was present in the Crypto.com Arena as he promised earlier in the season and congratulated the Lakers forward for achieving the feat. Kareem and James are believed to have a few differences, but the embrace that the two shared after Bron broke the record showed that there was nothing but respect between the two all-time greats.

Although the LA Lakers suffered yet another disappointing defeat on the historic night, LeBron James’ performance overshadowed that as a star-packed crowd was present at the arena to watch him break the record. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar passed him the match ball in what looked like the official passing of the torch moment between two of the NBA’s all-time leading scorers. Expressing his feelings on James’ auspicious night, the captain said on Sportscenter:

“Well I was hoping that it went in because the tension and the suspense was wearing everybody out and I was hoping it was going to go in, so that was the primary one and all of the other things that come from that, game stops, the fans get to see history being made, I was proud and it was some melancholy there because its nice to be known number one at something, LeBron absolutely earned it, he worked very hard for it and he will be a fitting wearer of the crown.”

Does breaking Kareem’s record cement LeBron James as the GOAT?

LeBron James was indefinitely going to break the scoring record and even before he did that, several analysts came out with their takes on what breaking the record meant for the kid from Akron. The 38-year-old has constantly been involved in the GOAT debate and he is expected to get some leverage in it after reaching the feat.

However, many are still of the belief that breaking the scoring record doesn’t solidify King James’ position as the GOAT. Having won every laurel in the league, there’s pretty much nothing left for the kid from Akron to achieve in the NBA. His comparisons with Jordan have been ongoing for a while and honestly don’t seem to conclude. The 38-year-old intends to play a few more years of competitive basketball and has it in him to win a ring or two. If he is somehow able to do that, King James could break other records and when it’s all said and done, he might have just done enough to change the opinions of people and become the ultimate GOAT.