Draymond Green responds to being told that he is the reason Kevin Durant left

Draymond Green has a witty response for a Twitter fan that claims Draymond Green is the reason Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors as the feud between the two still persists.

Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Jordan Poole of the Golden State, Image credit: Twitter/GSW
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The Draymond Green and Kevin Durant Saga may never end. They are remembered for feuding at the end of the 2018-19 season. This was followed by Durant’s departure to the Brooklyn Nets the following season. The Golden State Warriors won two NBA championships with KD and subsequently awarded Durant with two NBA finals MVPs. One could say Durant was not the bus driver for the winning and gilded Warriors. Stephen Curry was in his prime, and so was Durant.

Although their on-court chemistry was devoid of any ego, the media was quick to call out the stars for their role in the super team. Draymond infamously once told KD that they won a ring without him and they could do it again. Draymond Green said, “You’re a bitch, and you know you’re a bitch. We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave”. He recently addressed the allegation that he had anything to do with KD’s departure.

Draymond Green has a witty response to a Twitter fan looking to add fuel to the feud 

Their feud has faded out of late, it seems. Draymond tweeted out emojis in a light-hearted manner about KD’s 45-point game and his remarks on the same. KD said that he felt the 45-point game coming. Twitter fans pounced on the opportunity to reignite their feud, but Draymond would not have it. He notoriously asked the Twitter fan to build a bridge and get over it. Green really has a way with witty tweets and quick responses.

 Draymond Green really has a way with witty tweets and quick responses. The fan tweets, “Too bad you were the reason he left the warriors.” This was in response to Draymond’s comment on Kevin Durant and his role in the team.

Durant And Draymond once beefed on Stephen Curry and double teams.

Anyone that has ever watched a Golden State Warriors game knows that Stephen Curry is the most double-teamed player on any team. He is a threat from beyond the arc and inside the paint. Two defenders almost always accompany the generational talent of a paint guard. Draymond Green recently spoke about this in the NBA finals that the Warriors played between 2017-2019 on his podcast. He implied that Stephen Curry was not putting up numbers as high as expected of him because KD would get a mismatch through Curry’s drawn double teams. Kevin Durand and Draymond Green had a feud about these very remarks.



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