NBA acknowledges a missed call in the Warriors-Mavericks game

The Dallas Mavericks are planning to file a formal protest to the NBA after claiming a mistake by referees late in the third quarter led to their 127-125 loss to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night.

Dallas Mavericks in a file photo (Image credits: Twitter)
By Blesson Daniel | Mar 24, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The NBA’s Last Two Minute Report is available for the Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors game There was a lot of controversy in Wednesday night’s Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks game, most notably with the unusual play where Golden State received a free basket when the Mavericks were on the opposite end of the floor.

The play infuriated team owner Mark Cuban, and the Mavericks are protesting the game as a result. The NBA has released its Last Two Minute Report, and while the most contentious sequence occurred outside of the last two minutes, the NBA did admit to a different missed call.

The sole wrong call in the last two minutes of Wednesday night’s game, according to the Last Two Minute Report, was a missed travel penalty on Luka Doncic with 36.4 seconds left in the contest. Just before the star guard fired a three to break the shot clock, the missed travel on Doncic happened. Doncic’s attempt was unsuccessful, and the Warriors regained control of the ball.

It’s crucial to note that what happened on that contentious play at the conclusion of the third quarter did not show on the Last Two Minute Report, and the NBA’s decision on the play will be announced separately. Dallas’ appeal seems unlikely to be successful given that the NBA has already provided an explanation of what happened during that contentious sequence, but it will be important to keep an eye on the situation. One missed call in the last two minutes of that important game has so far been acknowledged by the NBA, and it involved Luka Doncic.

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The Mavericks to file a protest following an apparent ref misunderstanding in their 127-125 loss to the Warriors

The Dallas Mavericks and their owner, Mark Cuban, are upset with the NBA after an apparent mistake by referees resulted in an easy two points for the Golden State Warriors in a two-point Warriors win on Wednesday.

The incident occurred in the third quarter. At first sight, it appears to be a disastrous error by the Mavericks, who were protecting the wrong side of the court. As the Mavericks’ Josh Green came on the scene, Warriors guard Jordan Poole immediately inbounded the ball to Kevon Looney, who slapped down a half-hearted dunk. The Warriors led 98-96 early in the fourth quarter after the shot.

Confusion ensued, culminating in a heated tweet from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban following the game, outlining what had occurred from Dallas’ perspective and claiming that the referees modified the first call on the floor during the break without informing his team.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania claimed shortly after the game that Dallas intends to file a formal protest with the NBA, focusing on the third-quarter incident. As perplexing as the opening sequence was, it looks that the Mavericks may not have much of a case to make. Golden State won by two points, completing their second straight road win against a fellow Western Conference playoff contender.

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