Can the Miami Heat bounce back and make up for their loss in Game 6 against the Boston Celtics

After losing 93-80 against the Celtics, the Miami Heat need to win back-to-back games to qualify for the NBA finals.

Jimmy Butler from The Miami Heat in a file photo [Image-Twitter@MiamiHEAT]
By Blesson Daniel | May 26, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

After losing game 5 against the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat would expect to come back and force the Celtics to play game 7. But with many injuries on the part of the Miami Heat, it looks difficult for the Heat to come back from this situation. The Miami Heat had a fabulous run throughout the NBA playoffs. But, it looks like the Celtics are nowhere short of playing against the Heats. The stakes were very high in Game 5 as both teams had a chance to get the lead and, just by winning one more game, go into the finals. Now the Miami Heat need to win back-to-back games. The next game is a dead-end for the Heat, and they will be desperate to win the match at any cost.

The game was going well for the Heat till the second quarter. But as the third quarter started, the Celtics started destroying the Heat’s defence and took a lead of 23 points, which made it impossible for the Heat to recover in the fourth quarter and registered a loss for them in the eastern conference finals by 93-80. Jaylen Brown was the star as he scored 25 points for his team and Jayson Tatum with 22 points and 12 rebounds, sealed the deal for the Celtics.

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Erik Spoelstra: “We’re not gonna make any kind of excuses”

Postgame, when media questioned Erik Spoelstra, the coach of Miami Heats that whether the game is slowing down mostly because of the injuries, he stated, “We’re not gonna make any kind of deflection or any kind of excuse. Boston beat us tonight.” Erik Spoelstra believes that Boston crushed them and it was all because their play came short. Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry, both of the Miami Heat, have had poor offensive performances in recent games. Butler had a pair of bad nights at work, shooting a combined 7/32 from the field in Games 4 and 5. The All-Star was inefficient, which was an unusual occurrence.

Game 6 in Boston

There is still hope for the Heat, but they need a miracle to step up in Game 6 and snatch away the win. Since Peyton Pritchard grabbed Butler’s knee and strained it in Game 3, Jimmy Butler has shot 7 of 32. As a result, Pritchard played a key role in the Celtics’ dismantling of the Heat’s best. Kyle Lowry, whose hamstring is either hampered or will be for the next two contractual seasons, had no points, no assists, and one grateful rebound in the Heat’s sad Game 5 loss. Robert Williams is Bam Adebayo’s Celtic-green Kryptonite. Adebayo scored 31 points in Game 3 when Williams was benched. Adebayo has been very unproductive on his side in the other four games. And with the Heat’s best 3 not in their perfect shape, it is going to be tough.

But, the Heat had already signed up for it and the Celtics are a very tough team to play with. The Celtics have a total of 17 championships under their belt. So, the odds are all against the Heat. It is going to be an excellent Game 6, as both the teams are going to go full throttle. It is going to be bad for the Miami Heat with Butler and Kyle not in perfect shape. They need a miracle, in the form of gameplay, to win Game 6. Also, the Celtics are going to play their game at home, and they would want to enter the finals by winning the game. It is going to be a very tough battle for both teams. But for now, the Celtics hold the upper hand.