Anthony Edwards failed at Stephen Curry's workout before getting drafted

This number one overall pick could not keep up with Stephen Curry's workout regimen before entering the NBA.

This number one overall pick could not keep up with Stephen Curry's workout regimen before entering the NBA., Image credit: Twitter
By Shrey Gupta | Dec 3, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In an Interview with Kenny ‘The Jet’ Smith, Former number one draft pick Anthony Edwards spoke about he worked out with the Golden State Warriors before getting drafted. It is reported that Edwards could not keep up with Stephen Curry’s workout regimen due to its rigorous nature. Golden State Warriors never got the opportunity to draft Anthony Edwards since they had the no. 2 pick in the draft. Minnesota Timberwolves went with Anthony Edwards. The NBA has some freakish athletes like Giannis Antetokoumpo and Zion Williamson, but Stephen Curry, at 6’3″, has an insane workout regimen. 

This rookie could not keep up with Warrior legend Stephen Curry 

Anthony Edwards was quite candid with Kenny’ The Jet’ Smith about his workout with the Golden State Warriors. Edwards said,”  “I’m doing this drill that they say Steph be doing,” Edwards began. “I’m running, touching the line, shoot. Running, touching the line, shooting. You’ve got to make five in a row. I couldn’t do it. I’m too tired. I’m like, ‘Man, it’s just too much.’ But I’m not saying this, so I’m just jogging. After the workout, Steve [Kerr] comes to me like, ‘You can’t go any faster?’ I’m like, ‘I thought I was going pretty fast.’ He was like, ‘Nah, do it again. 

The possibility that Edwards might not love basketball was brought up throughout the pre-draft process. He was and still is, a freak athlete who, if he desired, could have a successful NBA career based only on talent. Edwards made a conscious decision to put in the effort and accept coaching; as one of the brightest rising stars in the game, he has already begun to reap the rewards of that decision. Edwards also told Kenny that he was asked to work harder if he wanted to be drafted by the Warriors.

He said,”So now, I’m trying to sprint, and now I’m looking all crazy. Missing left, missing right. So then we go to dinner, and he’s telling me, ‘Man, if we’re going to draft you at No. 2, you’ve got to be a hard worker. You ain’t working hard enough.’ I think that was a stumble on the road for me. I called my trainer afterward and was like, hey bro, we gotta change up.

What is Chef Curry’s Shooting regimen?

Stephen Curry is one of the hardest-working stars in the NBA. He works harder than anybody and what gives him the edge is how he hathe most intensive drills ever. Curry’s shooting drills often pit a score against a time, meaning Curry has to reach a certain mark within a certain time frame. In a drill called the “Full-Court Star,” Stephen Curry runs to opposite ends of the court: corner to corner, left wing to the left wing, right wing to right win, corner to corner, then back to the top of the keys, shooting three-pointers at each spot. He has to do this in 55 seconds and make at least eight of his 10 attempts. In addition to drills like these, Curry has a gym workout plan for him.

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Stephen Curry and his workout plan

Curry’s week looks like it’s full of conditioning workouts. Even on game days, he is seen during cardio during timeouts and post-game shooting drills. Curry is indeed an inspiration. Here is his weekly plan:¯

Monday (Chest): 75 push-ups, 45 nautilus presses, 60 nautilus incline presses, 45 repetitions on the pec deck machine, 24 bench presses, 32 dumbbell flyes, and 32 other incline dumbbell presses.

Tuesday (Back): 15 pull-ups, 60 seated rows, 45 lat pull-downs, and 60 t-bar rows.

Wednesday (Shoulders): 60 Arnold presses, 45 lateral dumbbell raises, 45 front raises, 32 overhead dumbbell presses, another 4-4 sets of lateral and front raises with different weights, and 40 shrugs.

Thursday (Biceps & Triceps): 45 nautilus curls, 45 z-bar cable curls, 45 dumbbell hammer curls, and 60 triceps press downs.

Friday (Cardio): 45-minute treadmill running

Saturday & Sunday: Rest

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