Pune Mariners destroyed Satara Blue Jays, 16-6 to win MLB Cup India 2022 in an alluring final

Pune Mariners beat Satara Blue Jays 16-6 to win the MLB Cup 2022 at the NOIDA Cricket Stadium.

Pune Mariners won the MLB Cup in a thrilling finish
By Blesson Daniel | Dec 8, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Satara Blue Jays and Pune Mariners’ thrilling final game on December 4 at the NOIDA Cricket Stadium brought an end to the last day of MLB Cup India 2022. The hard-hitting Pune Mariners defeated the previous champion Satara Blue Jays in the final, 16-6, to claim victory.

After the arduous semi-finals, the two teams advanced to the final. The Kolhapur Braves were defeated by the Pune Mariners 14-8 in the first semi-final of the day. Between Satara Blue Jays and Ahmednagar Dodgers, the second semi-final resulted in an 8-7 Blue Jays victory.

Former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dinesh Patel led a clinic for the three teams produced by MLB First Pitch, a program created to include baseball in physical education curricula in schools. Patel said, “I had great fun watching the games today. I was here last year too and the level of these young athletes has gone up considerably. All I can hope now is that they keep improving at this rate because then very soon India will start producing the next generation of Baseball stars.”

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MLB Cup is a special initiative to bring Baseball to India

General Manager of Baseball Development MLB Asia Rick Dell remarked about the outstanding performances he witnessed during MLB Cup India 2022. He said, “Today’s finals were outstanding. You could have come here today and closed your eyes and witnessed today’s finals because you could just hear the passion and the excitement and the enthusiasm in the air all day long.”

He continued by elaborating on why the MLB Cup is such a unique project. He added, “I am glad we have come up with a way to combine fun and passion to give these boys and girls the opportunity to play Baseball and even perform in it. With good academics in the classroom, I am sure a lot of the players here today will come to realize that Baseball can serve as an essential life tool. I see a lot of young competitors here today who in my opinion will one day play in Major League Baseball.”

Expectations from the next edition of the MLB Cup

David Palese, Baseball Development Manager told about his expectations from the next edition of the MLB Cup. He said, “I just hope that more teams are encouraged to play more. Teams are encouraged to train and more teams are looking forward to possibly playing next year.”

“MLB Cup is a crucial initiative for MLB India” – Ryo Takahashi

The Business Development Manager, MLB India, Ryo Takahashi spoke on the level of competition and how MLB Cup will help baseball to grow in India. He said, “MLB Cup is a crucial initiative for MLB India as we increase participation through our introductory program, the MLB First Pitch. MLB Cup serves as our next stage of development creating retention for baseball in the Indian baseball community.”

He concluded by recounting the thrilling final in which the Pune Mariners were declared the winners. “The Satara Blue Jays were extremely close to winning back-to-back championships but were beaten by an energetic Pune Mariners. The team from Pune took their revenge against a Satara squad who beat them in the finals last year. I hope this storyline is the first of many to come through MLB Cup India.”

Additionally, the MLB Cup made care to provide recognition to the individuals and groups who shown remarkable performance both on and off the field. Parth from the Satara Blue Jays won the Hank Aaron Award, which is given to the best Hitter in the youth competition. Om Adsule of the Pune Mariners won the Cy Young Award, which is given to the best pitcher at the youth competition. The MLB Cup India 2022 Most Valuable Player was chosen as Pune Mariners’ Vedant. The Indore Padres team, led by coaches Vinita Tiwari and Jitendra Shinde, received the Sportsmanship Award for their outstanding behavior both on and off the playing field.

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