East Hokkaido Cranes vs HL Anyang: Asia League Live Stream, Schedule, Fixture, and Probable Lineups, Form Guide, and Head To Head, November 27, 2022

East Hokkaido Cranes vs HL Anyang Asia League will be held on November 27, 11:30 A.M (IST).

East Hokkaido Cranes vs HL Anyang Asia League will be held on November 27 [Image-Twitter]
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East Hokkaido Cranes will host the Anyang Halla squad in the Asia League competition. The game will start at 11:30 AM on November 27. We’ll make an effort to determine which team is right now in the best shape.

Ten games were played between the two teams. The opponents, Anyang Halla, have won in nine games while East Hokkaido Cranes has only one victory to date. On November 26, 2022, they played their last matchup, and the result was 3-2.

Anyang Halla is ranked first in the tournament standings despite only receiving 0 points in 20.sum. The team now has 15 wins and 5 defeats. The players now average 4.1 goals per game, although they have yet to establish a game in the opposing zone. Goals received figures show a failure in their region of 1.7%. Let’s see if the guys can shock their opponents in this match.

There are obvious issues with the game for the Anyang Halla squad. It is tough to estimate anything greater than the first position in the tournament table with a total of 15 victories and 5 losses. It should be noted that they play poorly both at home and against their opponents, averaging 4.1 goals against 1.7 goals in each game. They can contend for the victory if they play their best hockey today.

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East Hokkaido Cranes vs HL Anyang: Probable Lineup

East Hokkaido Cranes

  • Wakimoto Y. (G)
  • Ito K.
  • Yamazaki Y.
  • Terao H.
  • Yuta M.
  • Otsu K. (C)
  • Matsukane K.
  • Suzuki S.
  • Aoyama K.
  • Saito D. (A)
  • Ikeda I.
  • Otsu Y. (A)
  • Kawai R.
  • Isogai S.
  • Ryoichiro Y.
  • Araki S.
  • Yoneyama K.
  • Kasai J.

HL Anyang

  • Dalton M. (G)
  • Lee Don-Ku
  • Yoo Beom-Suk
  • Park Jin-Kyu (C)
  • Jeon Jung-Woo (A)
  • Ahn Jin-Hui
  • Oh In-Gyo
  • Kim Won-Jun
  • Kim Sang-Wook
  • Kim Ki-Sung
  • Kang Yoon-Seok
  • Nam Hee-Doo
  • Song Hyeong-Cheol (A)
  • Shin Sang-Woo
  • Lee Hyun-Seung
  • Kim Min-Chul
  • Jee H.
  • Han Seung-Ho
  • Kim Geon-Woo
  • Song Jong-Hun
  • Juhyung L

East Hokkaido Cranes vs HL Anyang: Form Guide

East Hokkaido Cranes

26.11.22East Hokkaido Cranes2-3Loss
20.11.22Red Eagle Hokkaido4-1Win
19.11.22Nico Ice Bucks2-0Win
06.11.22East Hokkaido Cranes4-1Loss
05.11.22East Hokkaido Cranes1-2Win

HL Anyang

26.11.22Yokohama Grits2-3Win
20.11.22East Hokkaido Cranes3-4Win
19.11.22Bentley Falcons1-3Win
06.11.22Yokohama Grits4-1Win
05.11.22Yokohama Grits1-2Loss

Head to Head

26.11.22East Hokkaido Cranes
HL Anyang
HL Anyang
06.11.22East Hokkaido Cranes
HL Anyang
HL Anyang
05.11.22East Hokkaido Cranes
HL Anyang
East Hokkaido Cranes
04.09.22East Hokkaido Cranes
HL Anyang
HL Anyang
03.09.22East Hokkaido Cranes
HL Anyang
HL Anyang

East Hokkaido Cranes vs HL Anyang Where And When To Watch?

East Hokkaido Cranes vs HL Anyang Asia League will be held on November 27, 11:30 A.M (IST). The audience can live stream the match on Hulu, Fubo TV, and ESPN+. There, you may watch the entire live event. 

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