When Cristiano Ronaldo, who was on a hat-trick, let Karim Benzema take a penalty

During his time at Real Madrid, Ronaldo came up with the noble gesture to help his teammate find his goal-scoring touch

Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid in a file photo; Credit: Twitter

On Thursday night, Lionel Messi dominated the headlines for scoring a brace against Getafe in the La Liga. However, fans also praised Messi for another reason. In the injury time, Antoine Griezmann won a penalty. When many expected Messi to set up from 12 yards to secure his hat-trick, the Argentine maestro selfishly allowed Griezmann to take it from the spot. He was then praised by fans in the social media for his generosity.

It is only fitting that we take a dive into history to look back at Messi’s professional rival Cristiano Ronaldo doing the same few years ago. In 2018, Real Madrid welcomed Alaves to the Santiago Bernabeu. Ronaldo, in his usual best, destroyed the visitors, scoring a brace that day.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner had a chance to score yet another hat-trick when Gareth Bale was fouled in the penalty in the closing stages of the match. As the fans eagerly expected Ronaldo to take the penalty, he surprised everyone at the stadium with his generous act.

The Portuguese superstar let his teammate Karim Benzema take the spot-kick. It was reported at that time the Frenchman was struggling in front of goal and even missed a great chance earlier in the match.

Hence, Ronaldo grabbed the ball and passed it to Benzema once the penalty was awarded. Thanks to Portuguese’s forwards unselfish act, the Frenchman got on the scoresheet.

Just like how Benzema was grateful to his teammate back then, Griezmann must have felt the same emotions on Thursday night. Hats-off to the two footballing legends for putting the team harmony ahead of individual records!

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