Premier League bringing in new rules to stop future European Super League threat

The English Premier League is bringing in new rules to combat the threat of a future European Super League, it was announced on Monday.

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By Shayne Dias | May 3, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The English Premier League is bringing in new rules to combat the threat of a future European Super League. The new rules will now see any breaches dealt with harsh sanctions.

The ruling comes after six Premier League clubs signed up for a breakaway European Super League in April. The league quickly died out, but fan protests against it have intensified in recent times.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are the six clubs that signed up for the league.

Since the falling apart of the Super League, there have been calls for sanctions on the ‘big six’. But there’s also concern that preventive action is necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Premier League statement

However, the Premier League said that they are looking to hold the ‘big six’ accountable for their actions. They also spoke in details of the steps put in place to prevent this occuring again.

“The actions of a few clubs cannot be allowed to create such division and disruption. We are determined to establish the truth of what happened and hold those clubs accountable for their decisions and actions,” the league said in a statement.

“We and The FA are pursuing these objectives quickly and appropriately, consulting with fans and government. In addition, the Premier League, supported by The FA, is taking the following actions to protect our game, our clubs and their fans from further disruption and uncertainty:

  • Additional rules and regulation to ensure the principles of the Premier League and open competition are protected.
  • A new Owners Charter that all club owners will be required to sign up to, committing them to the core principles of the Premier League.
  • Breaches of these rules and the Charter will be subject to significant sanctions.
  • We are enlisting the support of government to bring in appropriate legislation to protect football’s open pyramid, principles of sporting merit and the integrity of the football community.

“We will work with the fan groups, government, UEFA, The FA, EFL, PFA and LMA to defend the integrity and future prospects of English football.”

Aside from the six English clubs, six more clubs from Europe signed up for the league. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan were the clubs. However, all except Real and Barca pulled out.



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