Peter Krawietz: Sadio Mane is one of the top three wingers in the world

The Liverpool assistant manager believes that Mane has exceeded expectations in his time at Anfield.

Sadio Mane in a file photo; Credit: Liverpool FC Twitter

Liverpool assistant manager Peter Krawietz was all praise for Sadio Mane, saying the Senegalese player has exceeded expectations since moving from Southampton in 2016. Mane has become a vital part in Jurgen Klopp’s setup. In his five years, the attacker has played a crucial role, helping the Reds win the Champions League and Premier League titles. Krawietz told Liverpool’s official website, “I believe Jurgen feels that as a manager it was one of his biggest mistakes not to sign him for Borussia Dortmund! Then of course we had him always in our minds, we knew how unbelievable he can be.”

“We followed his development at Southampton as well and he performed already on this higher level, in the Premier League, and this was in the end a no-brainer opportunity to bring this player to our squad. That was one of our golden decisions, I would say. We were absolutely right with our first impression. At the same time, we were surprised with how well he developed during his time in Liverpool.”

Krawietz believes Mane is a complete attacker and there are a variety of things he can do on a football pitch. “His qualities are unique,” he added. “Sadio is a player with every, every, every possibility in attacking: his one-v-one skills, his speed, left or right, his finishing. His ability to score goals with his head as well is unbelievable – to jump as high as he is able to do, I never saw that before.

“As well, his readiness and ability in terms of defending; whatever you want from him he is able to learn very, very, very quick and has this effort he puts in for the team in defending situations as well. He leads by example, he leads by quality, he leads by his attitude.”

Krawietz believes Mane offers a lot more to Liverpool than just goals. The Senegalese player’s work rate is second to none as he continues to close down opponents or track back to help his team’s defenders – it is a quality that made him an instant fan favourite.

“You can see the fire which is burning inside him on the pitch and a lot of opponents try to provoke him,” he added. “This is something that he learned during the years as well, to stay calm and at the same time not to lose his fire and his will and his ambition to play successful football and to give the opponent no possibility to bring him out of the middle of his brain, to disturb his concentration or his focus.

“This is something that he improved so massively and is a clear sign of his personality and his development to be one of the top three players in the world in his position as a winger.”

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