Kostas Tsimikas opens up on his Liverpool move

After five years and 86 appearances with the Olympiacos first team, the Greek player had joined Liverpool in 2020.

Kostas Tsimikas in a file photo; Credit: Twitter@LFC

Liverpool’s Greek sensation Kostas Tsimikas has opened up on his move to Liverpool, and what it means for people from his country. After five years and 86 appearances with the Olympiacos first team, the Greek player joined Liverpool in 2020. “It was a surprise to every guy in Greece because moving to Liverpool is a very, very big step. Some couldn’t imagine it was real,” Tsimikas tells Liverpoolfc.com.

“I am very happy and very proud because all this work I did all these years, it paid off. First of all, I make my family happy because for them it was something really special and something very big. And for me also, and I’m really happy about that. It was one of my biggest dreams to play in a big club and it was Liverpool, because my family were big supporters of Liverpool since I was young – my brother and my father. And I make their dream come true. I’m double happy.”

On the ‘Greek Scouser’ moniker, he adds: “I like it when I see the fans call me that, also sometimes I hear them on the pitch when I play the game. This makes me happy, this gives me extra power when you know the fans of your team are supporting you and call you like that. This helps me a lot and gives me extra power in the game.”

‘One of the biggest dreams of mine is to win trophies’

Kostas featured only seven times last term, with three starts. In this campaign, however, the 25-year-old has already played five games – a first Premier League start among them. He showcased his ability as an attack-minded full-back, which included assists against Burnley and Norwich City. “The first thing I had in my mind when the season started was to play more games than last year,” he explained of his targets coming into the season.

“One of the most important things in this life is to stay healthy. It is very important, because last year I had some issues. First of all is to stay healthy, the second is to make assists and the third is to win all the games, these are my goals for all the games. And one of the biggest dreams of mine is to win trophies with this team.

“Always I speak to the manager just to make sure in my mind what he wants from me. I worked hard during pre-preparations in my hometown to come as fit as I can here, to train and to be ready for what the manager wants and be ready if he gave me my opportunity and chance to improve myself and show what I can do on the pitch.

“Last year I couldn’t because I had the injuries and I had COVID also, and the team was in a tough situation. After all, I am very happy because I work hard and I showed I can. I showed first of all to myself I can do everything. And I am very happy for that.”

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