Juventus face Serie A expulsion if they don't withdraw from European Super League

Juventus face expulsion from the Italian Serie A if they continue to be part of the European Super League (ESL).

A file image of Juventus. (Image: Twitter/@Cristiano)
By Shayne Dias | May 10, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Juventus face expulsion from the Italian Serie A if they continue to be part of the European Super League (ESL). The Turin-based club were one of 12 founding members of the breakaway European league. However Gabriele Gravina, the president of the Italian Football Association, has said they must withdraw before the start of next season. Should they fail to do so, they won’t be allowed to take part in Serie A.

“The rules are clear. If Juventus is still part of the Super League when it enters next season, it can’t participate in Serie A,” Gravina told Kiss Kiss.

“I would be sorry for the fans but rules are rules and they apply to everyone. I hope this holdout ends soon.”

Twelve clubs had signed up for the tournament, but nine have now officially pulled out. Only Juve, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are currently affiliated with the Super League.

This compounds matters for the Italian giants, who also face UEFA sanctions alongside Real Madrid and Barcelona. The reason for this is that none of these three clubs have distanced themselves from the project yet.

UEFA previously revealed that nine of the other 12 ‘founding members’ of the Super League signed a ‘Club Commitment Declaration’.

The declaration sees clubs pay a 100 million euro for entering a similar breakaway project. They will also lose 5% of their revenues from UEFA club competitions for one season.

The nine clubs also agreed to the post-2024 Champions League reforms, with all approved reintegration measures dubbed “full and final”.

What about the ESL?

That depends on who you ask. Juve president Andrea Agnelli said after the nine clubs withdrew that the project could not move forward.

However, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez – seen as one of the biggest champions of the tournament – remains insistent it will go ahead.

“We are going to keep working,” Pérez told Spanish radio network SER in an interview. “We are looking for ways of getting this done. It would be a shame not to get it done.”

As of this writing, however, the project remains on ice.



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