John O’Shea backs Michael Carrick to do well in his new role

The former Reds midfielder has been put in temporary charge of the first team following the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

File photo - Michael Carrick during a training session; Credit: Twitter@ManUtd

Former Manchester United player John O’Shea has backed his ex-teammate, Michael Carrick, to do well in his new role as caretaker manager for the club. The former Reds midfielder has been put in temporary charge of the first team following the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Sunday. Carrick’s first task is the crucial Champions League group-stage tie against Villarreal at Estadio de la Ceramica on Tuesday night. The match will hold a major significance in United’s qualification from the group phase. O’Shea, who made 133 of his 393 United appearances on the same side as Carrick, believes that his former teammate is an ideal candidate to lead the team in this time of transition.

“If anyone is made for this situation that has developed, I think it’s Michael with his persona, personality and all-round professionalism,” O’Shea told the club media ahead of the pivotal clash against the Spanish side. “Look, it’s a tough situation for him, let’s be honest. But he will be dealing with it like I know he will and like he did on the pitch, being very calm, very calculated and ultimately very focused on the team and getting a result. 

“He knows it is a tough situation to be put in, because of the relationship he had with Ole. But his professionalism would, for me, mean it will be no problem for him and he will take it all in his stride. He is very calm and he is also very technical. Whether it’s playing football, golf or tennis, he is technical and he is all about technique, as you can tell from his playing career. He will be delving into the details to get a positive result against Villarreal.”

‘He has got a chance to stamp his authority’

The players are familiar with Carrick since he has coached the first-team squad for a few seasons now. O’Shea is of the opinion that his achievements in football will command a level of respect. “Yeah, it will do, and because he has worked with the players for a few years now they will respect him,” said the former Republic of Ireland international.

“Now, he has got a chance to stamp his authority for however many games he has as the manager. He will be looking to get that authority onto the pitch and off it as well. Hopefully, he can change our fortunes around and get some positivity back.”

Despite the difficult circumstances in which Carrick assumed his new role, it will still be a massive moment for him to manage United in the Champions League on Tuesday.  

“It will be an incredibly proud moment for him,” O’Shea said. “It won’t be the situation that he would have wanted, nobody wanted this to happen like that for him. But he has been trusted now with this position and to lead the team will be something he will always cherish, but he will want to do it with some wins as well.”

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