Has The Fun Stopped Now That the World Cup Ended?

The premier league is back in full swing, and the European Champions League is just around the corner. There are plenty of opportunities to watch quality football.

File photo of Argentina players; Credit: Twitter/ @Argentina
By Karthik Raman | Feb 13, 2023 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The World Cup ended almost a month ago, and the reality of post-tournament life has set in. It has been a sad, lonely few weeks for many football fans. The month-long event was a source of great joy and excitement, but now it’s over. But is the fun really over?

Even though the World Cup is done, you can still enjoy some great football action. There are plenty of other tournaments to watch, teams to support, and games to enjoy.

The premier league is back in full swing, and the European Champions League is just around the corner. There are plenty of opportunities to watch quality football. So don’t despair, football fans. The fun hasn’t stopped just because the World Cup is over. There’s still plenty to look forward to.

How to Get Over Your Post-world Cup Depression

The World Cup is a time of celebration for many avid soccer fans, full of excitement and energy. After weeks of cheering on your favourite teams and players, it’s hard not to feel a bit let down when the tournament ends.

To help you process these feelings and get back into your regular routine, start by acknowledging your sadness. Allow yourself to mourn the end of such an incredible event and take the time to reflect on all the memorable moments you were able to experience.

Next, ensure that you are taking care of your body by getting plenty of rest and exercise, eating healthy meals, staying hydrated, and connecting with friends. Spending time with people who make you laugh will also help set a more positive frame of mind for you.

Also, try challenging yourself with new activities, such as puzzles or games, to help fill any voids from the end of the World Cup that may have arisen. Go for a beer with friends, take a vacation, or pick up an old hobby.

What to Do Now That the World Cup Is Over

With the World Cup now behind us, it is time to shift our attention from international football and focus on the domestic game. Football fans can take advantage of their newfound free time by supporting their local clubs, attending matches, and engaging with their community.

Doing so allows you to share your passion while forging new relationships simultaneously. As we look forward to the next tournament, spending quality time with friends and family at local matches is the perfect way to reflect on a truly unique World Cup and reignite your homegrown spirit.

Although you couldn’t bet in Qatar this world cup, many armchair spectators enjoyed some great offers held by the bookies here in the UK. And the good news is that they haven’t stopped. If anything, now is a time when free bet offers are abundant, so if you’re feeling a bit down post-World Cup, why not take advantage of the latest offers and put your football knowledge to use?

Who’s Looking Good in the Prem This Season?

Arsenal are flying ahead with a huge 5-point advantage over Man City. Spurs have been inconsistent, but they’re still up there, challenging for the top spot, but at 11 points behind, who knows what they can pull out of the bag over the latter part of the season.

Elsewhere, Liverpool and Chelsea are both chasing down their rivals, but it looks like it’s going to be a long shot for either of them to catch up to the top four at this point. Liverpool will be devastated following last season’s close miss of just one point to become champions over City.

The biggest shocks to the Premier League table at the moment are Newcastle and Brighton. Both are mid-table finishes at best usually, but this season both are looking like genuine contenders for a European spot, with Newcastle maybe even challenging for the top four.

In Other Sports

While the football season is just entering its prime, that’s not to say sports fans should ignore other options. Tennis is still in full swing, with Djokovic taking the Australian Open to win his 22nd Grand Slam title. And with Wimbledon, the French & US Open coming this summer, there’s still plenty of top-level tennis to look forward to.

The Formula One season is also nearly underway, with some exciting races starting this month. Will Mercedes be able to up their game and challenge for the title this season? Or is there a new kid on the block with Red Bull and their star Max Verstappen for the next few years? It’s going to be a thrilling season either way.

The World Cup may be over, but there are still plenty of opportunities for sports fans to enjoy. Whether you want to stay engaged with football and support your local club or try something new like tennis or Formula One, the possibilities are endless. With various events taking place throughout the year and free bet offers available from bookmakers, now is the perfect time to explore different ways to get your sporting fix. So take advantage of this opportunity and have fun to get away from your World Cup blues.



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