Alisson Becker dedicates first senior goal to his father: 'I hope he was celebrating'

Alisson Becker became the sixth goalkeeper in Premier League history to score a goal and the first goalkeeper to score for Liverpool in the club's history.

File photo - Alisson Becker celebrates his late winner against West Brom. (Image: Twitter/@Alissonbecker)
By Shayne Dias | May 17, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


To say that 2021 has been rocky for Alisson Becker is an understatement. The Liverpool goalkeeper is part of a side that are currently fighting to secure Champions League qualification. To top things off, he lost his father in a drowning incident in February. Keeping Liverpool’s and his own personal struggles in mind, it is hard to feel anything but happy for what he achieved on Sunday. Alisson Becker became the sixth goalkeeper in Premier League history to score a goal. Additionally, he is the first goalkeeper to score for Liverpool in the club’s history. After the match against West Brom, he was both emotional and happy.

“God put his hand on my head today,” is how he summed up his perfectly timed header. Head of God goal, anyone?

“I’m too emotional, with everything that’s happened in my life recently with my family. Football is my life, from since I remember with my father. I hope he was there watching and celebrating,” he added.

“You can’t explain a lot of things in life. The only answer for me is God. He put his hand on my head today and allowed this to happen.

“It’s emotional for me, I’ve received incredible support recently (from the footballing fraternity). I can’t thank you all enough for the support.”

‘Goal meant a lot to Alisson Becker’

After the match, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp jokingly claimed a semi-assist for not stopping his goalkeeper from going up. However, he added that he understood what the goal meant to Alisson.

“We are really close so I know exactly what it means to him (Alisson) and what he thought in that moment. It’s touching,” Klopp added.

“It’s only football but it means the world to us. Now we need to keep going and make sure we are ready for Burnley.”

Klopp also added that a moment like this couldn’t happen to a better person.

“The way his teammates celebrated showed today how much they care for him. He’s a wonderful, wonderful person; funny, smart, thoughtful, intense in moments. He’s just a great guy.

“(After all he’s been through) a special moment like that couldn’t have happened to a better person.”



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