Norris acknowledges that his withdrawal from the Brazil F1 was 'fortunate'

Lando Norris believes that after feeling ill all weekend, he would not have been able to finish the Formula 1 Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

Lando Norris in a file photo. (Twitter: @SilverstoneUK)
By Mahaksh Chauhan | Nov 15, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The McLaren driver missed the track’s activities on Thursday because of food poisoning. He participated in Friday practice and qualifying, but after the Saturday sprint, he felt sick. He was given the all-clear to compete on Sunday, but he acknowledged that in some ways, he was “lucky” to have retired on the 51st lap of the 71-lap race due to an electrical problem after beginning to struggle after losing nearly 4kg in weight over the previous four days. “I got to a point where I did start to struggle a bit physically, but then my race was over,” he said when asked by about his condition.

“I’m fine, and I’m getting better every day, but yesterday really taxed me. Particularly as of Thursday. I went two days without eating or drinking, and as a result, I lost approximately four kilograms—three and a half—of weight. I truly had a hard time. “Because I performed a wonderful job and we finished quickly on Friday, everyone assumed I was fine. In reality, the situation was quite the reverse. So all I have to do is rest up for the weekend after.”


When asked if the adrenaline from the race helped, he responded, “I mean already today I was a little bit better. Before the race today, I could eat a little something and drink some water, which is probably the most crucial thing on such a hot day. “I’m certain that I would have been in fairly bad shape if I hadn’t broken down and had finished the race. I suppose I’m fortunate that I didn’t, but it was also unfortunate. Norris acknowledged that it was challenging to perform in the car given the circumstances, but he was certain he could complete the necessary tasks throughout the sessions.

“It’s challenging; the first one was FP1 on Friday, and I was having trouble avoiding obstacles because my brain was overloaded with information. merely minor things. Considering how slowly we moved today, I don’t believe it cost me anything. “And even yesterday [during the sprint], it didn’t provide me any advantages or disadvantages. Maybe there were a few minor errors and miscalculations in the qualifying round on Friday. “But I always believed that I could accomplish my goals while driving and on my lap, particularly during a qualifying lap. But because of my age, I ended myself in terrible shape after the sprint race.

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Lucky ?

Norris was grateful for the support he had received from the medical team caring for him because there were times over the course of the weekend when he worried he wouldn’t be able to compete in the race. I made a little bit of progress into Friday, not much, but fortunately it was just qualifying, and qualifying I could deal with, otherwise I doubt I would have raced. If I had been like I was on Thursday throughout the weekend, I doubt I would have raced. There were a few moments on Thursday when I thought I might not be able to race, but I had a lot of support. All the doctors came to me in my hotel and stuff, so everyone gave me as much support as they could. If I had entered a race right away on Friday, I probably wouldn’t have made it.



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