Lance Stroll is back and will compete in Bahrain GP

Lance Stroll will compete in the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix, according to Aston Martin.

Lance Stroll in s file photo (image: Twitter/@AstonMartinF1)
By Mahaksh Chauhan | Mar 3, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The wrist that Lance Stroll damaged in a cycling accident two weeks ago will have screws in it when he competes in this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix. After missing the three-day test last week owing to an injury, Aston Martin today stated that their driver will be back in the car for this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, the first race of the season. The area of Stroll’s right wrist that needed surgery was where he experienced the most damage when he fell from his bike. He claimed the collision “banged up” his left wrist as well. He informed Bahraini media that the cast had been taken off a week earlier, but that the healing process still required screws, and it was unclear when they would be removed. Stroll added, “The doctors said we’ll reevaluate. Depending on how [I] feel later, “they could come out or they could stay in.”

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Felipe Drugovic on reserve

In case Lance Stroll‘s car needed to be replaced, reserve driver Felipe Drugovich had been put on standby by Aston Martin. Speaking in the Bahrain paddock, Stroll claimed that getting to this point had required “a significant push in the previous 12 days after my injury.” He said, “That was a day-by-day thing. “It’s never certain with these injuries. The time it will take cannot be predicted with any real certainty. He said that at first, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to come back. “The initial few days were difficult. That seemed like it would be difficult. The previous four or five days, however, have seen a significant improvement each day. Also, I still have 20 hours or so, so every hour and minute counts.


To make sure his wrists could handle the demands of driving, Stroll completed many sessions in the team’s simulator. He said, “I felt good in the sim yesterday. It feels fantastic to have a full lock and a full range of motion. He said, “We increased the steering strength, and I felt excellent winding on the lock and navigating bumps. Although it hurts a little, it feels good and sturdy and is nothing new for me. He claimed he had “jealousy” while watching teammate Fernando Alonso test the brand-new Aston Martin last week. Missing days in a Formula 1 car is never ideal, according to Stroll. “Without the race weekends, we don’t get many days.

“So not perfect, but I can’t concentrate on that now that it’s completed. I’m simply going to concentrate on getting into as good of a rhythm as I can right away in FP1, and take it from there. He argued that by racing back to the cockpit, he had not jeopardized his safety. He replied, “I just want to have every opportunity to go racing. “I’ll race if I think I’m in shape enough to do so while experiencing some pain. In all sports, professional athletes occasionally experience some discomfort. I wouldn’t do anything if I thought it was foolish, risked further hurting myself, or if I thought my bones weren’t prepared.