McLaren is unconcerned about losing Norris to F1 competitors

Despite the fact that Lando Norris is a clear target for other Formula 1 teams, McLaren believes that it has full confidence in retaining hold of him for the long term.

Lando Norris in a file photo. (Twitter: @SilverstoneUK)
By Mahaksh Chauhan | Dec 24, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Norris signed a new contract earlier this year, keeping him under contract until the end of 2025. However, there have already been rumours that when the team changes its name to Audi for 2026, it would try to court Norris as a result of the departure of McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl to Sauber. Although McLaren CEO Zak Brown is aware that Norris’s pace makes him a desirable choice for his team’s rivals, he believes the Woking-based company can do everything necessary to keep him on board.

Is Zak Brown worried ?

If McLaren does not move up the grid quickly enough, is Brown concerned that Norris may eventually leave the team? Brown responded, “No, because I’m certain we’re going to give him a winning car. “We have a binding agreement with him. He appears to be completely at ease with the group. “Apart from obviously the strain we place on ourselves because we want to provide us a winning car instead of just giving him one, Therefore, I believe we have a runway to get there. He is aware of our path. It would be premature to worry about it, in my opinion, because he has bought into the journey we’re on.

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Impressed by Norris

Brown claims that Norris has impressed since entering Formula One, despite the fact that not all junior category talents go on to excel in grand prix racing. Brown continued, “He gave you a cause to believe the next step he was going to be exceptional at every step along the way. “But there have been drivers who have excelled along the road, and when they reach the top, you’re not sure if it was them or the circumstances, right Jan Magnussen? He excelled in everything but struggled in Formula 1. Jos Verstappen was frequently great in everything, but this didn’t quite fit in Formula 1.

Lando excelled in every endeavour. And it was successful in F1. In fact, I believe that what makes me the happiest is not just pure pace but also how carefully he races and how few mistakes he commits. Looking at Lando, the first year. Although he had the speed, his elbows were probably not extended sufficiently. He is now just, but he is a formidable opponent while you are racing.



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