2023 Monaco GP: Fantasy picks and how to play F1 fantasy 2023

Each player should keep an eye on the league tab because there are more prizes to be won this year and you might be able to participate in the mini leagues.

The Monaco Grand Prix. (Image: Twitter/F1)
By Nilavro Ghosh | May 24, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

As the 2023 Monaco GP approaches, fans can now play F1’s original fantasy game on their website. Fans select the teams and drivers they believe will perform best throughout the season in this game. These drivers and teams may also be changed as the current season goes on, depending on how well they perform in actual races. A team may consist of any five drivers and any two teams, but each will have a $100 million budget. All of the drivers and their value in the fantasy game were recently disclosed on the official F1 Instagram account.

As is to be expected given his current dominance of the sport, Max Verstappen has the highest value. Second place goes to Charles Leclerc, and due to his lengthy and prosperous career, Lewis Hamilton is also highly regarded. Despite the fact that all rookies ought to share similar values, each team’s members have different priorities. For instance, Oscar Piastri is more expensive than Logan Sargeant because McLaren is predicted to perform better than Williams. The F1 fantasy game also places a lot of value on teams. Any two constructors from the grid can be chosen by users. Due to their tight budget, they must, however, choose them carefully.

How to play F1 fantasy 2023

The ability to create three teams is available to all players, but it’s important to keep in mind that only one of your teams will be eligible for the Constructors, Global, and Country leagues. Each player must choose their team with a $100 million budget. To add some healthy competition to your relationships, you can make private leagues for you, your family, and your friends. There are three easy steps to creating a league: Send the link to all of your family and friends after clicking “Create a League” and giving it a name. Each week, you are permitted two free substitutions; however, you may carry over any unused ones into the following race. You are only permitted a total of three free substitutions each week because these carry-overs do not accumulate.

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Boosters and chips

You can now access your chips and boosters after setting up your leagues, selecting your teams, and settling in to watch the weekend action. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you can only utilise them once per season. which are The Wildcard, which permits limitless transfers up until qualification, No Negative, which prohibits your team from accruing any losses that weekend, Additional DRS Boost, which increases a driver’s point total by three, the score of your highest-scoring driver for that race weekend is doubled by AutopilotFinal Fix: This permits one free substitution between qualifying and the race, and Your entire team can be changed for that race week without any cost with Limitless. Extra DRS Boost, No Negative and Auto Pilot can be used from the first race of the year – with the others available from your second race.


Each player should keep an eye on the league tab because there are more prizes to be won this year and you might be able to participate in the mini leagues. Success in the mini leagues may give you the chance to win special prizes from F1 and your favourite teams. They will be announced at various points throughout the season.

Fantasy picks for 2023 Monaco GP


Max Verstappen – $27.4m (DRS boost)

Sergio Perez – $18.4m

Yuki Tsunoda – $4.7m

Fernando Alonso – $9.2m

Nico Hulkenberg – $3.9m


Red Bull Racing – $27.6m

Aston Martin – $7.0m