2022 Belgian GP: Fantasy picks and how to play F1 Fantasy 2022

F1 Fantasy has always been successful in keeping fans engaged and making them feel like a part of the sport.

A rain-soaked Spa circuit during the 2021 Belgian GP. (Image: Twitter/F1)

The 2022 summer break is at an end and the action will resume in the mountains of Belgium starting August 26 as Formula One returns to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Max Verstappen was the leader of the driver’s championship table going into the break with 258 points to his name. Second-placed Charles Leclerc was predicted to have a tight title battle with the Dutchman after the first few races of the season, but Ferrari’s poor decision-making and reliability issues see him 80 points behind the leader at the moment. Sergio Perez is in third, followed by George Russell, Carlos Sainz and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

When it comes to the constructor’s championship, Red Bull Racing lead with 431 points, a comfortable lead ahead of the rest of the pack. Ferrari and Mercedes seem to be battling for second place as the two are only separated by 30 points going into the Belgian GP as Alpine, McLaren and Alfa Romeo are engaged in the midfield battle.

What is F1 Fantasy 2022?

F1 Fantasy 2022 is the official fantasy game developed by Formula One for the 2022 season. F1 Fantasy has always been successful in keeping fans engaged and making them feel like a part of the sport for quite a while. The 2022 edition of the game has seen a litany of new additions while keeping the old, fan favourite features intact. Without further ado, here’s how to play the F1 Fantasy 2022 game.

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How to play

To begin, register at fantasy.formula1.com and select a team, or log in with your current F1.com credentials. You will then have $100 million to select five drivers and one constructor. You can make up to three teams. Keep an eye on each driver’s price and make your selections before qualifying on Saturday evening. Because of Sprint events, this deadline may change during the year. Each Grand Prix is preceded by three substitutes. Log in to F1 Fantasy, select ‘Manage,’ and begin swapping out drivers. The list of available drivers can be sorted by price or other parameters.

The 2022 F1 drivers lineup. (Image: Twitter)

Join/Create a league

Create or join F1 Fantasy leagues to play with friends, family, or like-minded competitors from all across the world, making every Grand Prix that much more exciting. Simply log in, then go to the ‘leagues’ icon on the left to start your league, or go to the top right of the screen to join with a code provided by someone who has already started a league.


Powerups are something unique about F1 fantasy. There are three powerups at your disposal that you can use once every race week. These are the following.

Turbo Driver – This doubles the score of any driver with a value less than $20 million. Use it by tapping the ‘TD’ icon in your team selection screen, and remember to use it every week.

Mega Driver – Regardless of driver value, this powerup triples the score of any driver You receive two of these per season, one before Hungary and one after Hungary, so use them carefully. Tap the ‘MD’ icon to use it. You only get two MD cards per season.

Wildcards – They allow you to make up to 12 free substitutes during the race-week in which they are played, allowing you to reset your team and make additional substitutions to increase your budget above $100 million. From Belgium to Abu Dhabi, you earn two Wildcards per season, one in the first half and one in the second. Tap the icon with the joker hat to activate this powerup. You get one Wildcard chip in the first half of the season, and another in the second. However, they are not carried forward.


The Streaks feature is critical for F1 Fantasy scoring. It works like this: if your driver qualifies in the top 10 for five consecutive races, they will receive five more points; if they finish in the top 10 for five consecutive races, they will receive ten extra points. Streaks also function with constructors, but both drivers must qualify or finish in the top 10 for three consecutive races in order for their team’s streaks to be activated. Hot streaks can be used with the aforementioned powerups to double or triple your bonus. That is how you truly make a difference.

Fantasy picks for the 2022 Belgian GP


Max Verstappen – $30.4 million

Lewis Hamilton – $30.6 million

Valterri Bottas – $9.5 million (Turbo Driver)

Yuki Tsunoda – $8.4 million

Kevin Magnussen – $6.1 million


Alpine – $14.1 million

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