Zeus Dota 2: When should players pick Zeus?

Zeus is one of the most loved mid lane heroes in Dota 2, especially for pub games.

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Zeus is one of the most loved mid-lane heroes in Dota 2, especially for pub games. He was among the popular mid-lane cores in pro Dota, but he isn’t among the go-to options in the game. Some teams have tried using Zeus in some instances, but the fact that his speed isn’t great and is fragile doesn’t make him ideal for professional games.

Thankfully, the character is among the most popular mid laners in Dota 2, which explains why he is one of the top picks. Even though he fits in most combos, there are times when this hero shines. In this article, we will tell you when to choose Zeus.

Good against fragile mid laners

Zeus is said to be the biggest damage dealer in the game. He might not have the best single target burst, but all of his spells do a good amount of damage.  The reason why the hero has to go the mid-lane is to gather as much farm and level as possible.

Zeus can also see the lane against everything. Because of his first ability, he is capable of securing last hits with almost no effort, even against heroes that do high damage. That’s could be one reason why players can often see the hero going against heroes like OD and Viper.

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Defending the high ground in Dota 2 is something not many players consider. Everyone likes winning, but there are scenarios where the enemies are too good. This results in a situation where players will have to defend their base from those willing to destroy it.

Zeus can inflict serious damage on heroes. All thanks to Lightning Bolt, the hero’s ultimate, he can take out a given hero’s HP in seconds. Many players might not raise Zeus’ powers, but he can be as dangerous as Tinker, Invoker, and every other spell caster in Dota 2.

Zeus can reveal invisible units

Zeus is a hero who is too good against invisible units. Due to his ultimate and Lightning Bold, he can easily reveal invisible units in a matter of seconds. This might not seem like a significant ability, but it works well in situations where the team needs that vision to start a fight.

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