Yae Miko Genshin: 4-star character and weapons under Yae Miko banner

Gensin Impact 2.5 is going to feature one of the most-awaited characters from Inazuma.

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Genshin Impact 2.5 is going to feature one of the most-awaited characters from Inazuma. Yae Miko, the head priestess of the Narukami Shrine, will finally be making her presence known in the game as a Catalyst wielder and an electro. However, players are wondering what the other characters are going to be.

Each unit of 4-star rarity can be built without or around their constellation. Using the right artifacts and weapons, players will be able to hold the balance of synergies, buff the main DPS, or deal damage themselves. We have listed down other characters that will feature with Yae Miko’s event wish.

Fischl, Diona, and Thoma coming alongside other weapons

The upcoming featured banner for Yae Miko will come with 4-star units like Thoma, Diona, and Fischl. All three are said to be some of the best supports in the game. Players will want to get them alongside Yae to have a decent party.

The 2.5 version will go live on Feb 16, 2022, featuring the Event Wish and a weapons banner. The expected weapons here will be the Yae Miko’s signature, Kagura’s Verity Catalyst alongside Primordial Jade Cutter Sword.

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The other 4-star weapons that players can expect are Stringless Bow, Eye of Perception Catalyst, and Rainslasher Claymore. As for the characters, Fischl will be getting a rate-up for the first time since her appearance in the knee banner back in 1.6.

Diona and Thoma have come together before in the 2.2 update of the game alongside Hutao’s rerun. Both of these units can offer great support and shielding for their parties, along with healing and elemental reactions.

As for weapons, Kugura’s Verity and Primordial Jade Cutter are good gears for DPS characters. The Catalyst has ATK and Crit Damage in its base stats, while the Sword features ATK and Crit Rate. While Yae Miko will come in the first banner of the latest update, players can also expect Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi in the second half. The next version ‘When the Sakura Bloom’ will be going live on Feb 16, 2022, after the maintenance.

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