Why did Japanese Manga Hunter X Hunter Go On Haitus and When Will It Return?

The extremely popular manga, Hunter X Hunter was due to make a comeback for an extremely long while. It was dubbed to be one of the most loved adventure manga series for years and now people have a hint of its return and are more excited than ever. All the fans of Hunter x Hunter have been waiting for chapter 381 since 2018. If you are also a fan of the Japanese manga Hunter x Hunter then you have to be on the edge waiting for the chapter to come out. Why did Japanese Manga Hunter X Hunter Go On Haitus and When Will It Return?

Most fans find it difficult to believe that their favourite Hunter x Hunter manga is returning. Yoshihiro Togashi made fans wait more than three years for this joyful news. The return of Hunter x Hunter manga and Togashi has created quite a stir on social media.

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Why did Japanese Manga Hunter X Hunter Go On Haitus and When Will It Return?

Even after a lengthy hiatus, Hunter x Hunter fans continued to hope for a new chapter. Perhaps it was the result of the fans’ unending devotion to the Hunter x Hunter manga. Yoshihiro has returned with new chapters. On May 24, 2022, fans discovered a new Twitter account with the announcement of four new Hunter x Hunter manga chapters. At first, all Hunter hunter followers assumed it was fake news. It was later confirmed that it was Yoshihiro Togashi, and the news was true.

On June 4, 1998, the first chapter of the manga ‘The Day of Departure’ was released. Volume 20 of the popular manga Hunter x Hunter, with 8 chapters, was completed in 2005. In the meantime, the adventure manga anime series debuted in 1999. 14 OVA episodes were aired for fans between 2002 and 2005. Hunter x Hunter has been broadcast in 36 volumes so far, with nine chapters still to come.

The manga version of Hunter x Hunter is widely acknowledged to have advanced further than the anime version. Despite this, several of the most recent parts of the manga contain key story elements that have yet to be produced. As a result, Togashi-forthcoming sensei’s volumes are expected to focus on the manga-only plot rather than something shown in the series.

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