Why am I not improving at Fortnite: Why people don’t improve at Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game that keeps evolving. The loot pool keeps changing with every season.

Take this as your route to a fresh start in Fortnite Battle Royale. (Credits: Epic Games)

Fortnite is a game that keeps evolving. The loot pool keeps changing with every season, and depending on meta-weapons, the playstyle needs to shift accordingly. Players have to adapt to these changes and determine what the best way is for them. Unfortunately, not all players can adjust to these shifts.

Some players tend to stick to the same old mentality of the older seasons. They rely heavily on outdated tactics to secure them a Victory Royale. While this might work against new players, experienced players will stonewall them. But there is a way to improve in the game.

Easy ways to improve at Fortnite

Rotations and loot-pathing are important

In Battle Royale matches, players can move and play as they wish. This enables them to execute several tactical maneuvers. Two of the essential tactics to learn in Fortnite are rotation and loot-pathing. Mastering these two will allow players to control the match.

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Only guns won’t help

When players engage with another player in-game in combat, using brute force to win is not a good option. Shooting a lot of rounds at the enemy or builds could lead to a lack of ammo. Without it, players will have to flee or get eliminated in such scenarios.

To win matches in the game, players will have to use all the things at their disposal. Firefly jars can come in handy to set buildings on fire, timber pines can destroy an opponent’s build, and enemies can be harpooned for a height and dropped.

Adapt to meta weapons of the season

The best way to improve skills for players is that they should try to understand the weapon meta. Every time the loot pool rotates, new weapons are added to Fortnite. They might be similar to the previous loot pool’s weapon types, they are likely different. Players will have to understand how different weapons work to make the most of them during battles.

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