Whip up morale: Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 6

where he becomes determined to save his best friend and his girlfriend from being killed by a powerful gang

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The anime “Tokyo Revengers” is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The anime adaptation was produced by the animation studio Liden Films and directed by Takeshi Furuta. The series was written by Tatsuya Takahashi and features character designs by Kenichi Ohnuki and music composed by Takurō Iga. The anime premiered on April 11, 2021 and is currently being broadcast on various streaming platforms. The story follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 27-year-old man who finds himself transported back in time to his high school days, where he becomes determined to save his best friend and his girlfriend from being killed by a powerful gang. Whip up morale: Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 6.

Takemichi, Chifuyu, Kisaki and Hanma go to the church to stop Hakkai. While Chifuyu and the other three are holding back outside the church

On the night of Christmas Eve, Hakkai donned the disguise of a member of the Black Dragons, ready to settle the score once and for all. Seishu made it clear that he and Hajime would be in charge of the Black Dragons that day, while Taiju would be attending church. Alone with Hajime, Seishu questioned his intentions, to which Hajime simply replied that he would be sticking with him. Though Seishu guessed that he was keeping his promise, Hajime feigned forgetfulness.

Chifuyu reminisced about the time he had joined Toman under Keisuke Baji’s leadership. Some of the members had been displeased with him and had even resorted to calling him names like “ass-kisser.” In order to prove his worth, Chifuyu fought and defeated three of them. But when Keisuke found out what had happened, he punished Chifuyu by giving him a beating of his own. Later, Keisuke reminded Chifuyu that he was no longer alone and that he must not cause trouble within the division. Chifuyu explained that he had joined Toman because he admired Keisuke and had no respect for anyone else. Keisuke then told him to follow only him and to stick by his side.

Chifuyu met up with Takemichi and shared with him how he had previously lived a life of hatred and violence, but that Keisuke had changed him for the better. Chifuyu gifted Takemichi with Keisuke’s sash, entrusting it to him as a symbol of his newfound beliefs. Takemichi accepted the gift and Chifuyu helped him tie it on, swearing that he would live up to the ideals that the sash represented. Together, they met up with Tetta and Shuji and headed towards the church.

Upon arriving at the church, Takemichi entered to confront Hakkai, leaving the other three outside to deal with Taiju. Seeing Hakkai inside was a surprise, but Takemichi knew he needed to change Hakkai’s mind, as Tetta’s prediction had stated. He explained his intention to stop Hakkai from killing Taiju, but Hakkai informed him that he had spoken with him earlier not to dissuade him but to strengthen his resolve to go through with it. Takemichi found it hard to believe, as he only shares his troubles when he’s unsure of what to do. He reasoned that killing Taiju wouldn’t protect anyone, especially Yuzuha, and begged Hakkai to change his mind.

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Hakkai then explained to Takemichi the constant threats he faced from Taiju, whether he was in a bad mood or merely forgot to greet him. Takemichi was then asked to leave, as Hakkai was steadfast in his decision to kill Taiju. However, Takemichi revealed that he had broken up with Hinata to protect her, despite being weak. He would do anything to keep her safe, except for taking another life. He refused to do anything that would cause Hinata grief. Finally, Takemichi posed a question to Hakkai, asking if Yuzuha would grieve if he went through with the murder.

In essence, Takemichi pleaded with Hakkai to reconsider his actions, as he didn’t want anyone to suffer. He believed that killing Taiju wouldn’t solve anything and only lead to more pain. Takemichi’s words of love and protection for Hinata showcased his compassion and morality, proving that he was willing to sacrifice his own happiness for others.

Upon Taiju’s sudden arrival at the church, Takemichi becomes curious about what has happened to Tetta and his gang. Taiju, on the other hand, wonders why they are there. All of a sudden, Hakkai pulls out a knife and charges towards Taiju. Meanwhile, Chifuyu is being restrained by Shuji, who advises them to steer clear of the fraternal squabble. After Tetta and Shuji leave, the latter surmises that their alliance with Takemichi is over, and speculates that Tetta had intended to betray them from the outset. Tetta admits that it was just a game, and that they were powerless to stop him. Shuji laughs, hailing Tetta as the most entertaining fellow he knows.

With a swift move, Taiju disarms Hakkai and pushes him aside, causing the knife to clatter on the ground. Takemichi realizes that Tetta must have tipped off Taiju about their plans, but it’s too late to dwell on that now. Taiju taunts Hakkai, telling him that he was just acting and never intended to harm him. Takemichi can see that Hakkai is in trouble and urges Taiju to stop. But Taiju is not done yet. He approaches Takemichi and warns him that he should have stayed out of the Shiba family’s business. With a smirk on his face, Taiju lands a powerful blow on Takemichi’s jaw, sending him reeling.

As Hakkai lies motionless, Taiju threatens to kill Takemichi if he doesn’t cooperate. He grabs Takemichi by the collar and demands to know why Hakkai wants him dead. Takemichi tells him that it’s because he abuses Yuzuha, but Taiju just laughs. He decides to reveal Hakkai’s secret and warns him not to interrupt. Hakkai pleads with Taiju to spare him the humiliation, but Taiju ignores him. Just as he’s about to spill the beans, Yuzuha emerges from the shadows and plunges the knife into Taiju’s back.

Everyone is stunned by the sudden turn of events. Taiju falls to the ground, writhing in pain. Hakkai rushes to his side, but Yuzuha stands her ground. She looks at Takemichi and tells him that they need to leave before more trouble arrives. Takemichi nods, grateful for her intervention. As they hurry away, Takemichi realizes that Yuzuha is not just a helpless victim, but a formidable ally in his quest to change the future.

Taiju’s fist collided with Yuzuha’s face, his anger boiling over. Hakkai demanded to know why Yuzuha was there, and she explained that she had come to save Taiju and put an end to everything. Hakkai immediately suspected Takemichi of betraying their plan, but Yuzuha confirmed that she had learned about it from Tetta. Takemichi realized that he had not prevented anything, and that in the original timeline it was Yuzuha who had killed Taiju. Taiju congratulated Yuzuha on her execution, but explained that thanks to Takemichi’s distraction, he had been able to avoid a fatal blow. He was furious that his siblings had tried to kill him despite everything he had done for them. 

Yuzuha argued that Taiju had only ever worked for himself and used their “family” as a tool for manipulation. Taiju lashed out, punching her in the face. As he cried and questioned God for forcing him to kill his own sister, Takemichi realized that he had successfully prevented the future where Tetta controlled Hakkai.

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