Where to find Sky Jellies in Fortnite?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 30, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Sky Jellies are wildlife that was included to Fortnite at the starting of Chapter 4 Season 1, and one of recent “This Week” quests advises gamers to dive on them to obtain health or shields. While this detail is very simple, discovering Sky Jellies in can be a bit hard. For those who are truly attempting to discover these creatures, this article is for them. Where to find Sky Jellies in Fortnite?

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The most important thing that gamers should know about Sky Jellies is that they do not spawn in the exact place on Fortnite’s map each match. Gamers should not anticipate to always finish this quest by targeting a sole area, and they should rather look for the related creatures as they cross a path that passes via several apparent spawn points. Here are information on such a path, and gamers should be on the lookout for Sky Jellies via the totality of their journeys:

  • Go to the south of Breakwater Bay and snatch a vehicle.
  • Ride south past Fortnite’s Shattered Slabs, being near the coastline
  • Ride to east via Frenzy Fields.
  • Drive to east to the tiny body of water that is south of Faulty Splits.

If a gamer does not confront any Sky Jellies along this path, it is suggested that they make their path to the grassy region that is just southeast of Anvil Square. Clearly, this wildlife has a tendency to spawn where the summer and autumn biomes meet, which makes this a tremendous place to check.

No matter exactly where a Fortnite gamer discovers Sky Jellies, they should dive into them once they have been situated. This procedure will provide the gamer character a slight increase into the air and bestow 20 health or shields upon them. This implies that gamers will require to jump on a total of three Sky Jellies prior to the correlated quest is noted as finished. Gladly, these creatures spawn in groups, and fans should certainly be eligible to answer the challenge at a single area.

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