Where to find a GPU in DMZ

Through your adventure mode in call of duty games, you'll stumble upon various all game loot and all game items that can be sold for money.

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s DMZ mode is a game of resources. Through your adventure mode in call of duty games, you’ll stumble upon various all game loot and all game items that can be sold for money. From wine bottles to strips, dmz have a price for everything, and GPUs go for one of the highest prices. Rare GPUs found in dmz cost $16,000 in procurement stations, and they are also a necessity for searching for custom hardware missions. If you need more information about Where to find a GPU in DMZ then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Where to find a GPU in DMZ :

To accomplish this search, players will be asked to find a GPU and bring it to the Cemetery Dead Drop. If you don’t know where to look on a map, finding a GPU can be a time-consuming task. GPUs can fall from supply vaults in warzone DMZs, but players can find them mainly inside computers located in offices, banks, and police stations. There are a good number of buildings that qualify as one of three, and once you’re inside, you’ll need to check the environment around each computer on campus. GPUs have a relatively low drop rate, so you may need to hit some buildings in separate matches before stumbling on one. And, as always, you usually want to keep your guard for enemy players when you’re walking around in these buildings.

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There’s nothing players can do to increase their chances of finding a GPU other than splitting up with a friend who agrees to help you. You can check out different buildings, or even different places, and save on time. If your friend gets a GPU, you can quickly make your way in their favor and make it complete a custom hardware mission.

A great way to secure a GPU in your DMZ run is to either start with police headquarters and then make your way west to the office and then to the gaming studio, or start with a gaming studio and travel east from the office and police headquarters. By hitting these three places, you’ll be guaranteed to walk with at least one GPU.If you’re still having trouble getting a GPU, be sure to look at other police stations such as the police station in the northwest corner of Al Mazarah City or the police station south of the police headquarters that sits on the east side of the river. There are plenty of PC towers to search in police stations, which means there is a high probability of getting GPUs.

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