When will the Lotus Map be included to VALORANT competitive?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Jan 12, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The latest VALORANT map Lotus was filled up into the game on Jan. 10 at the beginning of Episode Six. Lotus, nonetheless, won’t be accessible in competitive from the get-go. Riot Games has made Lotus accessible only in the Swiftplay line for the first week of release, so gamers get to know the map before leading the way to competitive matches. When will the Lotus Map be included to VALORANT competitive?

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After the Switfplay-only moment, Lotus will officially come to be a competitive map in VALORANT, filling out a map pool that also have Haven, Ascent, Icebox, Fracture, Pearl, and Split. Bind and Breeze were eliminated from the map pool cycle on Jan. 10 at the beginning of Episode Six.

When the Lotus Map will be included to VALORANT competitive?

After a duration of week, accessible only in Swiftplay mode, Lotus map will officially goes into VALORANT’s map pool cycle on Jan. 18 along with the modifications made in Patch 6.1. From there on, gamers can play Lotus on unrated and competitive play.

From Jan. 18, Lotus will also become available as playable in professional games, should the event makers agree to activate it. Given that the previous opportunity qualifiers for VALORANT Challengers North America will start from Jan. 17 and will end on Jan. 22, it’s apparent we only discern Lotus in professional NA matches after the conclusion of January.

You can begin understanding Lotus prior to the maps comes to be accessible for robust play on Jan. 18. In case you want to play some games on Lotus, here are the decent agents you can play on this fresh map.

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