When is plunder coming to Warzone 2?

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By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 12, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The center of attraction of Warzone 2 is none other than its battle royale mode that sees up to 150 gamers fighting on Al Mazrah solo or in teams until one gamer(s) is left standing. When is plunder coming to Warzone 2?

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Since the OG Warzone’s beginning, there has also been Clash, Iron Trials, Titanium Trials, Resurgence, and Payload. Every mode provides something unique from the previous one, but one that gamers get attracted to is Plunder.

The motive of the mode is to attempt and steal the land and attain a specific economic landmark to be announced the winner, all the while celebrating vast respawns. It’s a quick path to level up guns and immediately became a fan favorite.

Now, Warzone 2 only has formal BR modes, along with third-person and Unhinged choices. The makers themselves have given no idea that Plunder is coming anytime soon in Warzone 2, still, an odd map glitch has provided credence to the belief that Plunder is extremely much in the pipeline.

Anyone aware of Plunder will understand that once you’ve grown a large amount of cash in the playlist mode, you can get at the place on the map that will let you to call in a Helicopter to help you permanently remove the cash.

These icons could potentially be leftover assets from Warzone Caldera, but it’s inclined indication that Plunder will be starred in Warzone 2.

Not only that, but we’d also predict Resurgence to seem eventually soon as we know that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep are nowadays inaccessible for play, so a place in Al Mazrah would make sense. But there have also been rumors of a latest Resurgence map for 2023. Right now, this should all be supposed assumption, let’s see what happens.

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