When exactly is Resurgence Mode coming to Warzone 2?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Wondering when is it Resurgence Mode coming to Warzone 2! We will share all about Warzone 2’s upcoming Resurgence mode and when the fast-paced playlist will be arriving. When exactly is Resurgence Mode coming to Warzone 2?

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The variety of gameplay is the specialty of the original Warzone. If you didn’t elegant falling into Caldera for a full Battle Royale game, there was constantly the choice to hit Rebirth Island, Fortune’s Keep, or even just some Plunder.

The leaks imply that Plunder is present there in the Warzone 2 files, but as of now, there’s no official indication of the mode.

As for Resurgence mode in Warzone 2, which let gamers to respawn on any living squads after a quick countdown, know more about it:

Given that the leaked map has a palace in the midst, we anticipate it could be arriving in the following season! Activision was fast to copyright-strike the leak, nearly ensuring its realism. And in the image, we can certainly glimpse the word Resurgence among the supported game modes.

As one extra part of proof as to the map’s realism, Infinity Ward hints fans with the given line along with the release of Season 1:

“For those fans of small Battle Royale maps, expect exciting developments in Warzone 2.0 during future seasons.”

Now let’s talk about Rebirth Island

No, it looks like that Rebirth Island will not be arriving to Warzone 2 In the near future, though the Battle Royale does occur to have a minor map on the road. Leaks imply that a latest small-scale BR map is in the process for Warzone 2.0, and it looks like uncertain that Rebirth or Fortune’s Keep will resurface in the game.

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