Warzone 2: Where can players use Waterlogged Bag key in DMZ?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 season two has offered players an entirely new map called Ashika Island.

credit: Activision
By Rohit Kohli | Feb 21, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 season two has offered players an entirely new map called Ashika Island. Though it’s significantly smaller when compared to Al Mazrah, Ashika Island also packs points of interest where players can loot valuable items, store riches, or engage in conflicts with fellow players or hostile NPCs.

While exploring the new map, DMZ players might come across some keys they might have picked from slain enemies or typical loot locations. These keys can come in handy to open up small loot boxes, locked rooms, or entire strongholds.

Players are simply required to go to the key’s corresponding location and interact with the lock in question to see what’s waiting for them. If players find themselves having the Waterlogged Bag Key in Warzone 2 DMZ on Ashika Island but aren’t sure what to do with it, here’s what they can do.

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Where to use the Waterlogged Bag Key?

Players will be able to find the Waterlogged Bag to the east of Oganikku Farms, located in a nearby outcropping of buildings. Players can find the pool containing the Waterlogged Bag just across a tennis court in the same area.

Given that Ashika is a pretty small map compared to Al Mazrah, players are likely to experience some resistance from fellow squads in the area. It is best to come to the Waterlogged Bag with all the required things and be ready for war with other players. Once players reach the pool, they will be able to find the Waterlogged Bag at the bottom middle of the pool, in the center of a large circle.

As for what’s inside the bag, loot across all locations is randomized at the start of each Warzne 2 match. The bag can have anything ranging from heaps of currency to useful items. For players looking to turn their money into experience, finding a Dead Drop should be their go-to move.

Best graphics settings for Warzone 2

The best PC graphics settings will largely depend on what kind of system the player has. On the other hand, if players wish the game to load faster, they can always bring down the settings. Using the best controller settings can help you a lot in battle, and PC players should always strive for high frames per second (FPS) for a smooth gameplay experience with low latency. If you want the most FPS in Modern Warfare 2, you can use the following settings:

Best Display settings

  • Display mode: Fullscreen Exclusive
  • Display monitor: Primary
  • Display adapter: Make sure it’s your best graphics card
  • Screen refresh rate: Check your monitor’s max, then set it to that
  • Display resolution: 1080p
  • Dynamic resolution: Off
  • Aspect ratio: Automatic
  • V-Sync gameplay: Off
  • V-Sync menu: Off
  • Custom frame rate limit: Custom
    • Gameplay: 300
    • Menu: 90
    • Out of focus: 30
  • Display gamma: 2.2
  • Brightness: Based on your preference
  • Focus mode: Off

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