Warzone 2: Where can players use Deckhands Toolbox in DMZ

CoD Warzone 2’s DMZ map, Al Mazrah has a lot of points of interest that players can reach to get some loot or look for opponents.

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CoD Warzone 2’s DMZ map, Al Mazrah has a lot of points of interest that players can reach to get some loot or look for opponents. Though the large-scale battle royale map features several important sites, not every building and loot container can be accessed by players from the word go.

Players can find keys to locked locations around DMZ, either in typical loot locations or taken from slain opponents. Players can carry these keys to their corresponding location and get their hands on exclusive loot. The Deckhand’s Toolbox is one such locked loot container that players will be able to find in Al Mazrah.

While the Deckhand’s Toolbox isn’t guarded by any AI opponents, it is still among the most difficult locked locations to travel to and gain access to. If players aren’t sure of where they can use Deckhand’s Toolbox key, they shouldn’t look any further.

Where can players find Deckhand’s Toolbox?

To access the Deckhand’s Toolbox, players are required to swim off the southern coast of Al Mazrah. There they will have to look for a small shipwreck that they will be able to see on the map. This is the southernmost part of the entire DMZ map and can be identified by a crashed boat.

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Once players reach the isolated shipwreck, players will be required to reach an open window near the rear end of the boat. Players will then be required to dive into the water, turn left, and swim in a straight direction. Players will have enough breath to make the trip, loot the small container, and get back to the surface.

Speaking of the loot in the Deckhand’s Lootbox, the reward inside will differ as it could feature any number of possible items. While the location is among the more obscure places, and only accessible to players spawned around the approximate area.

Warzone 2 dumpster landing trick

Call of Duty battle royale players often come across situations where jumping off a building seems like the only way to protect themselves. It could be due to a kill streak or a helicopter coming their way. There could be many reasons that a team might require a snap decision and get out of dodge.

The next time players come across such situations, they should try this trick and look to target the soft embrace of an open-faced dumpster. It might sound nuts, but falling into one such dumpster will negate all fall damage and protect players’ legs of anyone who tries it for themselves.

Players should note that it’s tough to pinpoint a landing without trying it a few times before, so things might not go as planned on the first go. Hitting too close to the metal lips could also prove risky for the players, so they need to make sure to center themselves over the trash bags before making contact.

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